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Jobs for Students – and How to Get Them

Whether you’re returning to high school, college, or university – or going into one of these for the first time – you’re probably pondering what you can do for some extra cash, especially if you just finished up a summer job. Will you actually have time to do well in school while working? If so, how many hours should you work per week? What sorts of jobs for students are out there? And how do you go about getting them? Read more

Older Workers, Bolder Earners?

We’ve talked a lot about the advantages young people contribute to the workforce, but there is also a lot to be said about what older workers bring to the table, and how a mix of youthful and mature employees can lead to competitive advantages with the right management. Plus, there is no shortage of older workers in Canada. According to a Statistics Canada finding published early this year, 60% of Canadians who left a long-term job (12 years or longer) in their late fifties re-entered the workforce within a decade of leaving it.

But still, in a time when mandatory retirement is a thing of the past and people are living longer than ever, many older workers who have left the workforce are having trouble getting back in based on stereotypes and prejudices that are utterly unfounded. Read more

Leveraging the Search Habits of Today’s Job Seeker

There’s a lot of young talent out there, and as the Baby Boomers continue to retire from the workforce, it’s crucial that organizations harness the best and the brightest of the Millennial Generation – but relying on traditional attraction techniques is a sure fire way to ensure those shining stars remain out of sight. Attracting the Millennial job seeker means understanding and leveraging not only current job search habits and patterns, but also anticipating where they’re headed. Read more

TempTalk with Tanvir Shaikh

After arriving in this country as a teenage new immigrant from India, Tanvir couldn’t have found a more fittingly named place for her very first job. But, unfortunately, Canada’s Wonderland held little wonder for someone so in love with numbers that she dreamed of a career in finance. And while she did try to secure a co-op with a bank, being a minor at the time made it a nonstarter. That’s when one of her teachers recommended that she sign up with Adecco. Read more

Creating a Responsive Organizational Culture by Balancing a Multigenerational Workforce

This article originally appeared in Lēad Magazine, Issue 14: The Search for Balance.

By Adwoa K. Buahene and Giselle Kovary, Co-founders and Managing Partners, n-gen People Performance, Inc.

Today, more so than ever, the implications of a multigenerational workplace are felt across recruitment, retention, and engagement practices. Getting the balance right in responding to and managing the expectations of Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Ys is essential to productivity and performance. Organizations struggle with integrating Gen Xers and Gen Ys, while trying not to alienate more experienced generations. This is particularly true because most organizational cultures are founded on Traditionalist and Baby Boomer values, behaviours, and expectations. Leaders must respect that people are part of the capital of their organizations, and as such, human capital risk needs to be managed like any other type of financial or operational risk. Organizations need to be strategic in viewing the modernizing of their organizational cultures as a change initiative. The goal is to maximize the skill sets of all four generations, while managing the differences. Read more

Halloween Party Ideas for Work

It used to be for children, but Halloween has come a long way in the last couple of decades, coopted by Gen X and Gen Y who refuse to give it up, trading trick-or-treating for horror-themed house parties and naughty nightclub monster mashes overflowing with pumpkin spiced beer, black devil martinis, and rotten eyeball highballs. In fact, with more and more grownups celebrating the holiday, in 2012 it hit a record $8 billion in revenue in the US – the world’s number one celebrator of Halloween. Canada isn’t far behind at number three (with Ireland edging us out – Halloween likely has its roots in Celtic culture, after all). Considering how much Halloween has mutated into an adult-orientated outing, employers would be wise to leverage its popularity in order to reinforce workplace morale, particularly among their younger employees. Below are a few office Halloween party ideas that are sure to keep everyone in high spirits. Read more