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Temp Professionals: An Employment Agency Ace in the Hole

Adecco is Canada’s largest employment agency, staffing both temps and permanent employees. That means that we’re keenly aware of the line many people draw between what they think a temp would do for work versus what a permanent placement would. Typically, people associate temps with clerical, administrative, and labour jobs while permanent placements are more often associated with specialized professional roles, such as roles within sales, marketing, law, or finance. But the line is much blurrier than employers and the general public assume. Read more

TempTalk with Ameerudeen Najumudeen

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in India, Ameerdueen Najumudeen came to Canada to complete his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a focus on Corrosion Science. “There’s always going to be corrosion,” he says. “So there will always be jobs for corrosion engineers.” Now working on a contract basis as a system integrity engineer for one of Adecco’s largest energy sector clients in Saskatchewan, Ameerudeen knows how hard it can be for newly graduated engineers to kick start their careers despite the much publicized demand for them. Fortunately, he was open to all sorts of possibilities. Read more

TempTalk with Sébastien Allard and Joël Pellerin

Adecco’s own dynamic duo

Sébastien Allard has been with Adecco for a year; his co-worker at a major Canadian museum, Joël Pellerin, has been with Adecco for two. Together, the two of them are proof not only that working as a temp provides access to fantastic opportunities, but also that employment agencies attract fantastic employees.

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How to Succeed with an Employment Agency

There are many different ways to kick start your career, and registering with an employment agency is no exception. A recruiter can present you with a temporary opportunity that leads to full-time, permanent work, or you can build a career as an employee of the employment agency itself, working for a diverse mix of organizations, performing a variety of different tasks, honing your talents, and learning new skills to make yourself even more marketable. Read more

TempTalk with Larry Ferguson

Winds of change

When Larry Ferguson was first introduced to Adecco, he admits he was nervous. “I didn’t really know about Adecco,” he recalls, “and I knew you had to go to whatever job they gave you.” However, that turned out to be one of the elements that made working for Adecco so appealing to Larry. “They encouraged me to give each job a try and if I felt uncomfortable, they would see what they could do for me,” he says. Having worked since he was a teenager, Larry ran into an obstacle as time went by – it was harder and harder to find work without his high school diploma. “If you don’t have your Grade 12,” he remarks, “they won’t even look at you.” Read more

TempTalk with Sarah Sheppard

Making the world your workplace

Sarah Sheppard first registered to work with Adecco as a temporary employee (Associate) after spontaneously moving to Vancouver in 2009. Having never connected with an employment agency before, Sarah, like many of our Associates, discovered Adecco while searching for job opportunities online. Having previously worked at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, recruiting staff for their volunteer programs, our team was able to place Sarah as a recruiter on a long-term contract with the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC). Read more