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Paternity Leave: Why it Matters for Families & Businesses

Last month’s article on the “office mom” – in honour of Mother’s Day – examined stereotypes of women in the workplace and how characteristics typically associated with femininity, such as compassion and affection, may be a welcome instillation into today’s world of work, especially with regard to leadership styles. So, in honour of Father’s Day this month, we’re taking a close look at the upheavals and discoveries that are forcing us to rethink what it means to be a man and a father – and how employers should respond to these new perspectives, particularly when it comes to paternity leave. Read more

Why it Pays to Be a Family-Friendly Workplace

While not every province in Canada celebrates Family Day, it’s definitely taken the country by storm in recent times with BC celebrating its very first Family Day this year. And just as Family Day is becoming the norm in Canada, so too should the family-friendly workplace; not just for the benefit of burgeoning young families, but for the benefit of employers’ bottom lines, too.

A family-friendly workplace is called that for a variety of reasons that range from helping their employees to start new families to providing up to six weeks of paid vacation time. Regardless of their specific offerings, each of these employers is likely to benefit from high employee morale, loyalty, and retention, which translate into higher productivity, lower turnover and training costs, and access to an eager pool of potential workers waiting in the wings.

But what makes a family-friendly workplace, and why is it so important to an employer’s success? Read more