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Employer Reviews and Online Reputation Management

We’ve talked briefly before about how important it is for an organization to develop and follow an explicit social media policy. Social media is a double-edged sword, after all: it provides organizations the opportunity to build their brands like never before via audience interaction and engagement, and yet it’s that very interaction and engagement that can amplify any misstep into a PR disaster. For Canadian employers in particular, online reputation management is crucial what with Canada having the tenth-highest social media engagement in the world.

Most any business present on LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter has had to contend with negative comments from time to time for one reason or another, but those websites give businesses control over their accounts (being able to delete comments or block individuals as necessary), and they’re each a repository for all sorts of information, not just feedback. There are, however, many sites dedicated to little else but feedback on everything from restaurants to hotels to products – and employers are no exception. In fact, sites dedicated to employer reviews by former and current employees are on the rise and have serious implications for any business regardless of size, tenure, or industry. Read more

Leveraging the Search Habits of Today’s Job Seeker

There’s a lot of young talent out there, and as the Baby Boomers continue to retire from the workforce, it’s crucial that organizations harness the best and the brightest of the Millennial Generation – but relying on traditional attraction techniques is a sure fire way to ensure those shining stars remain out of sight. Attracting the Millennial job seeker means understanding and leveraging not only current job search habits and patterns, but also anticipating where they’re headed. Read more

The Realities of Virtual Recruitment

Like it or not, cyberspace continues to affect how people occupy (or no longer occupy) real space. We all go to the bank far less than we used to thanks to internet banking, video stores have all but gone the way of the dinosaur thanks to high-speed downloading, and younger generations are perfectly comfortable counting online interactions as actual socializing. So if you no longer need to physically go anywhere to manage your money, see the latest Hollywood blockbuster, or be with your friends, why should conducting a job interview be any different? Read more