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Posts tagged ‘National Engineering Month’

Sustainable Energy and Engineers

The green movement is increasing pressure on governments and industry alike to develop efficient renewable energy sources. Engineers play a crucial role in the development and implementation of these sustainable energy sources. 

In a conscious effort to minimize the use of fossil fuels that are harmful to our environment, we are moving towards a greater reliance on re-useable energy sources including solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric. The growth of these areas has increased job opportunities for both recent graduates and experienced engineers.

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The Opportunities of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Continuous advancements in technology have allowed for exponential growth in virtual and augmented reality. Showing up in many industries — no longer just in gaming! — it’s clear that this technology is gaining a foothold in our everyday lives. And with its growing popularity, virtual and augmented reality are proving to be an exciting area for job growth.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are related but very different concepts. While VR is used to block out the physical world and replace it with a “virtual” sphere, AR overlays visuals on the user’s actual view of the physical world by adding computer graphics to the user’s device.

With the International Data Corporation forecasting global spending on VR and AR technology to grow from $5.2 billion this year to more than $210 billion CAD annually by the end of the decade, it’s clear that VR and AR are here to stay.[i] Here are just some of the ways that this technology is touching our lives.

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Women in STEM. Closing the Gender Gap

Although the STEM fields have historically been male dominated, many are mindful that it’s time to bridge the gender gap and work towards encouraging female innovators and leaders of the next generation to explore opportunities in this field.

Women have accounted for 30% of employment growth in STEM since 2010, but still make up less than one-quarter of employment in these occupations. The persistence of low female representation will bear a larger and larger economic cost with time. [iv]

To promote the willingness and inclusion of women in STEM, everyone has a role to play to shift away from keeping the status quo it being a field that is male dominated, and, encourage and spark the interest of females early on.

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Top Trending Engineering Jobs

With demand increasing for technology, science and computing, engineering candidates are a hot commodity. We’ve got insight on the upcoming years’ trending engineering roles that offer competitive salaries and job security.

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