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Of Job Titles and Jokes

Forget what’s in a name. What’s in a job title? Recently there’s been a bit of a war going; a war of words – about words. On one side are the traditionalists who prefer conventional-sounding job titles; on the other are those who advocate more “creative” job titles, which can include terms such as “Guru”, “Rock Star”, “Ninja”, “Mastermind”, “Wizard”, and even “Jedi” (despite copyright infringement). So who’s right? Are the traditionalists rational, no-nonsense straight-talkers, or fastidious old fuddy-duddies? Are the creative types energetic, cutting-edge iconoclasts, or juvenile, arrogant upstarts? Both sides have their points, but their debate shines a light on some larger issues when it comes to assigning job titles to employees. Read more