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Get your Resume to Stand Out

If you’re like many others, you scour job opportunities online, find the job you think you’re perfect for, then complete the online application process.  Then you wait and hope you’re resume will be selected from the many other applicants.  Albeit that many live that same reality, there are ways to make sure your resume makes it to the top of the pile. Here are 5 tips to get your resume to stand out from the crowd.

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5 Must-Ask Behavioural Interview Questions

During the hiring process, the interview gives you the chance to go beyond the hard skills presented in a candidate’s resume and assess soft skills, professionalism and the potential fit with your company. While a resume identifies capable candidates, the interview is where you find the right candidate.

To make the most of the interview process, we offer the following five behavioural interview questions to help direct your conversation with interviewees to better evaluate their fit with your company culture.

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Top Six Phone Interview Tips

We’ve offered a lot of job interview advice on this blog, particularly when it comes to the in-person interview. From how to control your body language to what to wear, we’ve covered it. But what about that initial phone interview? Surely, there’s less to worry about? After all, a good answer’s a good answer whether you’re in a suit or your pajamas, right? Well, although clothing and body language can’t be seen during a phone interview, there are still a lot of dynamics at play, some of which may even be accentuated precisely because you can’t be seen. Not to worry, though. Here are our top six phone interview tips to get you past the screening and into a meeting: Read more

Questions Candidates Should Ask about Occupational Health and Safety

Starting a new job is an exciting prospect – so exciting, in fact, that sometimes it can cloud our better judgment. Once you’ve been offered a position, there are still questions you need to ask of your new employer, particularly when it comes to occupational health and safety. To ensure you stay safe on the job, remember to ask the following: Read more

Questions to Ask in a Job Interview: Top 10

Many job seekers think that an interview is all about answering questions that are asked of them. But it’s important to remember that, just as the job interview is the organization’s opportunity to figure out whether you’re a good fit for them, it’s also your opportunity to figure out if the organization is a good fit for you. Furthermore, the questions you ask (as well as the lack thereof) can affect the interviewer’s judgment. In fact, interviewers expect candidates to ask questions – and asking the right ones shows that you’re serious about wanting the role. Remember, it is expected that part of preparing for an interview includes researching the organization, so don’t ask questions that can be answered with a quick Google search or by checking out their website. With that said, here are the questions to ask in a job interview: Read more

Job Interview Tips: Top 10 Don’ts

The internet is awash in job interview tips. We ourselves have covered many of the dos and don’ts that make for a positive job interview, including what to be particularly mindful of during it. However, this time, we really wanted to focus on the don’ts – what not to do in a job interview because any one of these mistakes can sabotage a good candidate’s chances regardless of how well everything else went. So remember: Read more