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Thinking about a career in artificial intelligence? Here’s what you need to know

We’ve moved! To find this article and more like it, check us out at our new home and don’t forget to subscribe. Artificial intelligence is always a hot topic in the world of work. Looking at the latest news about AI, it’s clear that even though there may be some growing pains when it comes to employment in the sector, it’s the way of the future. Check out our tips for setting yourself on a successful career path in AI.

AI and the future of work is a hot topic of conversation. Whether it’s Elon Musk’s alarmist predictions of the end of jobs for humans or the headline-making introduction of HSBC’s Pepper the Robot as a customer service tool to free up employees for more productive work, artificial intelligence in the workplace generates strong opinions.

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Cannabis – The New Economy

With predictions[1] for cannabis demand in Canada reaching $22.6 billion a year, the Canadian economy can expect a huge boost from its legalization.

Impacting the labour market, post-secondary education and tax revenue, cannabis legalization is set to have far-reaching effects on the Canadian economy.

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