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Sustainable Energy and Engineers

The green movement is increasing pressure on governments and industry alike to develop efficient renewable energy sources. Engineers play a crucial role in the development and implementation of these sustainable energy sources. 

In a conscious effort to minimize the use of fossil fuels that are harmful to our environment, we are moving towards a greater reliance on re-useable energy sources including solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric. The growth of these areas has increased job opportunities for both recent graduates and experienced engineers.

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Women in STEM. Closing the Gender Gap

Although the STEM fields have historically been male dominated, many are mindful that it’s time to bridge the gender gap and work towards encouraging female innovators and leaders of the next generation to explore opportunities in this field.

Women have accounted for 30% of employment growth in STEM since 2010, but still make up less than one-quarter of employment in these occupations. The persistence of low female representation will bear a larger and larger economic cost with time. [iv]

To promote the willingness and inclusion of women in STEM, everyone has a role to play to shift away from keeping the status quo it being a field that is male dominated, and, encourage and spark the interest of females early on.

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Top Trending Engineering Jobs

With demand increasing for technology, science and computing, engineering candidates are a hot commodity. We’ve got insight on the upcoming years’ trending engineering roles that offer competitive salaries and job security.

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Essential Social Media Practices for Engineers

For an Engineer, a professional social media profile is equivalent to an online business card. It can be leveraged to find a new job and network with potential clients and employers to build your digital “rolodex”. To help with your digital efforts, we’ve got your guide on the best networking sites for Engineers and tips on how to leverage them to create a strong profile.


The most common professional social media platform. It’s a tool to facilitate connections with colleagues, business associates, clients and industry thought leaders. As an Engineer, you have access to forums that connect you to industry professionals —  allowing you to gain direct contact with hiring managers and generate new leads.

Some tips to strengthen your LinkedIn Profile:

  • A Professional Headshot. A first impression is a lasting impression. Consider investing in a professional headshot to make a strong impact.
  • Keyword Rich Summary. Including keywords in your summary ensures you come up in searches —leading recruiters to you! Be sure to use plenty of industry specific keywords, keep it short and focus on how you provide value to people.
  • LinkedIn Groups. Be selective and join groups specific to your industry and role. Contribute to conversations and start your own dialogue. And of course, invite members to join your personal network.


Because this platform provides quick, short updates in real-time, it’s a great place for Engineers to pick up the latest industry headlines and news, follow engineering professionals and influencers — while keeping up to date with technical product design trends or industry updates. Not to mention, some of the most influential Engineers in the world, including Tesla founder Elon Musk, use Twitter to complement their recruitment strategies.[i]

To capitalize on professional success from Twitter:

  • Follow Influencers and Thought Leaders. Find influencers or professionals in your specific industry and follow their posts.
  • Retweet content about industry news, trends and events and link the original user so they know you’re sharing their material.
  • Use Trending Industry Hashtags. Research popular hashtags relevant to your technical field and incorporate them into your posts to allow your content to be found by your target audience.

Quora and other Online Communities

Quora is an online forum that allows users to post and answer questions in line with their industry. Online forums and communities can be effective for you to not only connect, but to also engage with other Engineering professionals’ research and findings. It’s essentially a digital space for professional discussion and commentary.

To make the most out of Quora and other online communities:

  • Become a Thought Leader. Contribute with useful information, and while doing so, provide documentation to support your views. Being factual will add to your credibility.
  • Create your Newsfeed. Select topics, people and questions to follow that are specific to your interests and field within engineering.
  • Contribute to discussions that are in your area of expertise or interests. Ask intelligent questions and use the answers to start a meaningful conversation.

Your online media profiles can position you as a Subject Matter Expert. A strong and professional online identity can lead to more media attention, better partnerships and higher quality clients. For more tips and tricks on how you as an Engineer can maximize your professional social media profiles, contact your local Adecco branch and speak to one of our experts today!

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Take the Lead: March 14, 2016

In honour of Pi Day (3/14) we’re focusing today’s Take the Lead on a sample of engineering positions currently available through our Engineering Division – Roevin Engineering & Technical. The following is just a sample of Roevin and Adecco Canada’s hottest jobs. If you don’t find the roles you’re looking for here, visit or to view all of our job openings across Canada or to sign up for alerts.  If you know of anyone currently looking for an engineering position, please share this blog post with your network and help somebody find their next great career today!

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