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The Technicalities of Screening Technical Recruitment Agencies

There are a lot of recruitment agencies out there. Some big, some small; however, all propose a variety of competitive advantages, sometimes in direct relation to their sizes. We’ve discussed the validity of some of these declarations in a previous article that spoke more broadly about industry-specific recruitment. But now it’s time to delve into a particular group of industries. If you need to enlist the help of a recruitment agency to find IT, engineering, or other types of technical professionals, how do you tell the difference between the big successes and the big talkers? Read more

The Advantages and Embellishments of Industry-Specific Recruitment

In recent years, industry-specific recruitment has been on the rise, and it’s expected to only get bigger. This kind of recruiting, sometimes referred to as “niche” or “boutique”, many mistakenly equate only with the work of small agencies – and it’s no wonder when you consider those labels. Instead, employers should think of such recruitment in terms of its pinpoint-like focus rather than the size of the organizations that carry it out. Read more

Temp Professionals: An Employment Agency Ace in the Hole

Adecco is Canada’s largest employment agency, staffing both temps and permanent employees. That means that we’re keenly aware of the line many people draw between what they think a temp would do for work versus what a permanent placement would. Typically, people associate temps with clerical, administrative, and labour jobs while permanent placements are more often associated with specialized professional roles, such as roles within sales, marketing, law, or finance. But the line is much blurrier than employers and the general public assume. Read more

The Employment Agency: Myths and Misdemeanors

Despite the long history of the employment agency, many job seekers still have misconceptions about how employment agencies work and how to spot a bad one. That’s why it’s time to finally demystify the most common employment agency myths out there and to expose the underhanded and exploitative tricks that only the least ethical agencies would exercise. Read more

Evolution of the Employment Agency: Infographic

Ever wonder how employment agencies first got started? Would you believe it all began in ancient times? Here’s a quick look at where we came from and where we’re going.

Infographic about the history of employment agencies

Purple Squirrel or Pink Elephant?

If you haven’t heard of a purple squirrel before, you’re not alone. The somewhat arcane term is popular in the HR world and refers to a candidate who perfectly matches a job’s requirements in every way, from education, to skills, to personality. But does the proverbial purple squirrel really exist, or is it as illusory as Jack London’s pink elephants and blue mice? And if they are real, how can they best be caught? Read more