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How to Excel in Customer Service

Whether buying your morning coffee, picking up your clothes at the dry cleaner or calling for restaurant reservations, one unifying aspect of each of these simple transactions is being part of a greater customer service experience. Every day we all play the role of customers, often making decisions around what to buy and where to go based on the level of service we received at the counter, on the other end of the phone, or across the internet.

In today’s service economy, companies are continuously relying more on their customer service as a competitive advantage, making outstanding customer service qualities a must-have for potential new hires. While the customer may not always be right, there are right and wrong ways to provide effective customer service. With this in mind, Adecco compiled tips for those looking to successfully enter or move forward in their career as a customer service professional. Read more

“Managing Up” to Advance Your Career

At some point or another, we’ve all wished our manager would change. However, instead of expecting the boss to alter their management style, we must master the art of managing up. Learning – and mirroring – your boss’s style is an effective strategy for dealing with a manager whose approach to work differs from your own.

Often, managers who are skilled at training and motivating their staff tend to ignore opportunities to develop strong relationships with their own bosses. This mistake can mean the difference between career advancement and career suicide. Fortunately, there are simple, practical things you can do today to improve your relationship with your boss and begin managing your career in a whole new way – up! Read more

Marketing Yourself as a Creative Professional

The design and marketing business is as competitive as ever. Many work on a freelance and temporary basis and have the benefit of a flexible schedule – an outlet for their creativity and a means to continually hone their skills on new and exciting projects. With experience in the field comes the development of specializations. Once you have developed expertise in a particular area, you can use it to set yourself apart from others and land new assignments.

But what do you do if you are still honing in on your specialties? How can you build your career and remain successful in the competitive creative industry? The recruiters in Adecco’s creative division have some key insights you can use today in the hunt for your next exciting project. Read more