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Employer Reviews and Online Reputation Management

We’ve talked briefly before about how important it is for an organization to develop and follow an explicit social media policy. Social media is a double-edged sword, after all: it provides organizations the opportunity to build their brands like never before via audience interaction and engagement, and yet it’s that very interaction and engagement that can amplify any misstep into a PR disaster. For Canadian employers in particular, online reputation management is crucial what with Canada having the tenth-highest social media engagement in the world.

Most any business present on LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter has had to contend with negative comments from time to time for one reason or another, but those websites give businesses control over their accounts (being able to delete comments or block individuals as necessary), and they’re each a repository for all sorts of information, not just feedback. There are, however, many sites dedicated to little else but feedback on everything from restaurants to hotels to products – and employers are no exception. In fact, sites dedicated to employer reviews by former and current employees are on the rise and have serious implications for any business regardless of size, tenure, or industry. Read more

How to Court the Most Qualified Candidates

An organization is only as strong as its talent, but finding the right talent is a challenge many employers underestimate. While drafting up job descriptions and posting them on popular job boards will probably garner you many applications, it’s quality, not quantity, that matters. So how do you ensure you don’t waste hours rummaging through mounds of inadequate resumes and nodding off during vacuous interviews? In short, it takes effort. But when you put in that effort, the payoff can mean a reduction in costs, a more engaged and productive team, clarity of vision, and a boon for your bottom line. Read more