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The Fall of Productivity

Labour Day has come and gone, yet the summer sun still lingers on – at least in some parts of the country. But, from a productivity perspective, this September might as well be the winter of your business’ discontent. According to research conducted by leading digital media company, Captivate Network, productivity declines 20% in workplaces during the summer, attendance decreases 19%, and projects take 13% longer to finish. And such results shouldn’t be surprising when you consider the many other studies that reinforce those findings. Read more

The Post-Vacation Blues: Causes & Cures

Considering how often people claim vacations are crucial to their wellbeing, you’d think there’d be a bit more sympathy when someone comes back to work singing the post-vacation blues. Instead, their grief is often met with insincere snorts followed by dismissive “I hear ya’s”. Most of us are guilty of that from time to time. But why? And especially when the shoe is often on the other foot once we return to work after vacation? Is it annoyance? Jealousy? Or do we fear that lending a genuine ear to a coworker mourning how much they miss the cliffs of Capri will make us look spoiled, immature, unreliable, and all the other awful failings we think our peers have ascribed to them? Maybe it’s that very same fear that accounts for countless others who do a good job of hiding their post-vacation blues. Read more