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Essential Social Media Practices for Engineers

For an Engineer, a professional social media profile is equivalent to an online business card. It can be leveraged to find a new job and network with potential clients and employers to build your digital “rolodex”. To help with your digital efforts, we’ve got your guide on the best networking sites for Engineers and tips on how to leverage them to create a strong profile.


The most common professional social media platform. It’s a tool to facilitate connections with colleagues, business associates, clients and industry thought leaders. As an Engineer, you have access to forums that connect you to industry professionals —  allowing you to gain direct contact with hiring managers and generate new leads.

Some tips to strengthen your LinkedIn Profile:

  • A Professional Headshot. A first impression is a lasting impression. Consider investing in a professional headshot to make a strong impact.
  • Keyword Rich Summary. Including keywords in your summary ensures you come up in searches —leading recruiters to you! Be sure to use plenty of industry specific keywords, keep it short and focus on how you provide value to people.
  • LinkedIn Groups. Be selective and join groups specific to your industry and role. Contribute to conversations and start your own dialogue. And of course, invite members to join your personal network.


Because this platform provides quick, short updates in real-time, it’s a great place for Engineers to pick up the latest industry headlines and news, follow engineering professionals and influencers — while keeping up to date with technical product design trends or industry updates. Not to mention, some of the most influential Engineers in the world, including Tesla founder Elon Musk, use Twitter to complement their recruitment strategies.[i]

To capitalize on professional success from Twitter:

  • Follow Influencers and Thought Leaders. Find influencers or professionals in your specific industry and follow their posts.
  • Retweet content about industry news, trends and events and link the original user so they know you’re sharing their material.
  • Use Trending Industry Hashtags. Research popular hashtags relevant to your technical field and incorporate them into your posts to allow your content to be found by your target audience.

Quora and other Online Communities

Quora is an online forum that allows users to post and answer questions in line with their industry. Online forums and communities can be effective for you to not only connect, but to also engage with other Engineering professionals’ research and findings. It’s essentially a digital space for professional discussion and commentary.

To make the most out of Quora and other online communities:

  • Become a Thought Leader. Contribute with useful information, and while doing so, provide documentation to support your views. Being factual will add to your credibility.
  • Create your Newsfeed. Select topics, people and questions to follow that are specific to your interests and field within engineering.
  • Contribute to discussions that are in your area of expertise or interests. Ask intelligent questions and use the answers to start a meaningful conversation.

Your online media profiles can position you as a Subject Matter Expert. A strong and professional online identity can lead to more media attention, better partnerships and higher quality clients. For more tips and tricks on how you as an Engineer can maximize your professional social media profiles, contact your local Adecco branch and speak to one of our experts today!

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Current Unemployment Rate in Canada

Canada’s job market continues to impress. In 2017, Canada’s unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in 40 years.  With the 13th consecutive month of positive job gains, 2018 is looking promising.


The Canadian employment rate is off to a strong outset for 2018 given the substantial performance in the last 12 months. The unemployment rate dropped at the end of 2017 to its lowest levels in 40 years, with the Canadian economy generating 423,000 new positions in 2017 — including 394,000 full-time jobs. The year concluded with a drop in the unemployment rate by 1.2 percentage points to 5.7% — the lowest rate since comparable recorded data became available in 1976. Overall employment rose by 2.3%, making it the fastest employment growth in 15 years.

Demographic Changes

The Canadian employment rate saw gains in 2017 across all demographics by varying amounts. The 15 to 24 year old demographic employment rate rose by 1.4% (up 34,000 positions), while the groups’ population declined by 0.5%, resulting in an overall employment rate increase to 57.2%. The 25 to 54 year old demographic experienced an employment rate increase by 1.6%, up 186,000 positions.

The employment rate for men and women over the age of 55 increased by a substantial 5.3% in 2017 — totaling 203,000 positions — finally exceeding the rate of population growth for this demographic. These workers largely fall into the 55 to 64 year-old age range.

Provincial Growth

The Canadian employment rate continued to climb through the end of 2017. Quebec and Alberta led employment growth in December 2017, with smaller gains observed in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and PEI. In Quebec, employment continued to grow in December 2017 for a third consecutive month, up to 27,000, ending the year with a record-low unemployment rate of 4.9%. Alberta, despite its recent oil-led recession, closely followed Quebec’s downward unemployment trend with employment increasing by 26,000 — a majority being full-time positions, resulting in the highest employment performance since 2014. Continuing with positive trends, Ontario remained steady after a substantial increase in November of 44,000 [i] and December saw employment rise in the following provinces:

  • Nova Scotia by 5,900
  • Saskatchewan by 5,000
  • New Brunswick by 4,200

Prince Edward Island by 900

Employment by Industry

Transportation and warehousing led employment growth in the service-producing sector — up 6.3% or 57,000 positions. The service sector saw additional gains in the finance, insurance, real estate, rental and leasing, (up 4.6% or 53,000), and professional, scientific and technical services (up 3.8% or 53,000). These industry gains closed 2017 with an increase in employment in the service-producing sector by 2.0%.

The goods-producing sector experienced employment gains in manufacturing (up 5.1% or 86,000), natural resources (up 4.6% or 15,000) and construction (3.6% or 51,000).  After recording losses in 2015 and 2016, natural resources bounced back recording an increase of 15,000 positions in 2017. The goods-producing sector finished the year with an overall increase in employment of 3.5%.

With the continuous promise to increase minimum wage in provinces across Canada, and the changing landscape of where and how we work, we can expect to see implications affect the 2018 unemployment rate. However, the last 12 months of positive job creation signals a mending Canadian economy that continues to gain steam.

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Remaining Statistics from StatCan:



New Year, New You – How to Build a Personal Brand

Looking to improve your professional life in 2018? Why not resolve to build your online personal brand! Not only is a strong personal brand the best way to diversify yourself from a stack of resumes, it’s a powerful way to highlight your expertise and tell your story. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Know yourself
Your personal brand works most effectively when it tells a cohesive story — the story of you. To help you get there, take some time to formalize your values and goals. Thinking about the interests, values and capabilities you want to highlight ahead of time will help to guide you when interacting with your network. You might even want to create a document that outlines these values to quickly reference when sharing content.

2. Build an online presence
Building a website may seem like a daunting task. However, with many free domains and web hosting sites, you can easily create your personal site with only a few clicks! To get started, include your resume, a brief bio and links to your social media profiles. Then, as your personal brand grows, you can expand your website to include blogs, industry best practices, examples of your work, etc.

3. Select the platforms that work best to promote your brand.
Identify your target audience to determine the platforms you should use to appeal to them. For example, if you are in a visual creative field, appeal to your target audience through a visual network like Instagram. Or, if you’re in a professional field, try using LinkedIn. Selecting the appropriate platform will ensure you are getting the best exposure for your brand.

4. Build and manage your marketing network
Friends, colleagues, clients and customers are powerful resources when it comes to marketing your personal brand. Their feedback and comments can affect the way future connections view your brand. Make sure to be attentive and responsive to your existing connections while growing and developing your professional network with people in your field and related fields.

5. Listen and share news in your industry
Make sure to stay on top of relevant news and exciting events in your industry. Not only will this ensure that you know your industry inside and out, it will also increase your credibility as a reliable source of information in your field. As a bonus, sharing articles, press releases and other credible sources is another great way to expand your professional network.

6. Be consistent
Consistency is imperative in successful branding. This includes when, where and how you market yourself. Create a schedule for posting new content. Make sure all content reflects your formalized beliefs and values, and, that you are consistently using the same social media platforms for sharing.

7. Audit yourself
Remember, it’s easier to be proactive than reactive! Stay on top of your public image by googling yourself on a regular basis. Make sure the search results represent your beliefs and values. Remove any images or content that are not consistent with your branding efforts.

With so much of our life spent in the digital universe, the importance of personal branding is essential in crafting your online presence. By taking these easy steps to define and adhere to your personal brand, you will be empowered to broadcast exactly what you want to your network, future employers and the world. A strong personal brand will set you apart from the competition and enhance your professional value.
Ready to get started? Contact your local Adecco branch and speak to a skilled Recruitment Consultant today!

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Why You Should Consider Applying To Be Our “CEO for One Month”

Are you a talented and ambitious young professional looking to jump-start your career? Want to see what the leadership of one of Canada’s top Workforce Solutions Providers really does all day? Then our “CEO for One Month” internship program was made for you. Read on to learn more about the program and how you can benefit from it.


Where many college/university internships have you making daily coffee runs and sitting in on company meetings, The Adecco Group’s “CEO for One Month” program exposes you to the inner workings of our Fortune 500 organization. Not only will you shadow the Adecco Canada’s President, you’ll be attending and participating in meetings with our top executives. And through onsite meetings across the country, you’ll gain exposure to the staffing industry from the branch level all the way to the corporate level.


When accepted to the “CEO for One Month” program, you become part of The Adecco Group organization. You are given real projects and the chance to contribute to the decision-making process. Through your work with us, you’ll add to your transferable skills, strengthening your resume and career prospects, regardless of your professional direction. The experience you gain from your month will set you apart from every other candidate for years to come! Plus, not only does the program offer an exceptional way to learn about the staffing industry, it gives you an opportunity to learn how to navigate and communicate with top executives and senior level management.

To learn firsthand about last year’s CEO for One Month, Alana Couvrette’s experience, visit:


Looking for a great reference? What better reference than Adecco Canada’s president! As “CEO for One Month”, you’ll be working alongside Gilbert Boileau, President of Adecco Canada, and making connections with the senior level management of one of the top staffing agencies in the world. Network your way to valuable connections that will last the rest of your professional life!


The opportunities provided by this internship are virtually limitless. To start, the boost to your employability from the experience you’ll gain will help you throughout your career. Plus, there’s the potential of being hired to work within Adecco’s corporate head office once the internship is completed. Finally, every “CEO for One Month” from participating countries can apply for The Adecco Group’s global “CEO for One Month” internship. The top 10 candidates from around the world will attend an all-expenses-paid boot camp in a major city, competing with candidates from around the world to become the global “CEO for One Month”. This is an opportunity of a lifetime you won’t want to miss!


Love to travel? The “CEO for One Month” program gives you the opportunity to travel from coast to coast with Gilbert Boileau on all Canada-wide business excursions, visiting branches and corporate offices. And, with the global “CEO for One Month” program based out of Zurich, Switzerland, the successful candidate is given the opportunity to travel across Europe. A travel enthusiast’s dream come true!


The icing on the cake? The Adecco Group’s “CEO for One Month” internship is a paid position! Forget compensation for bus passes or credit for school. Amidst the plethora of other benefits, the successful candidate will receive a full month’s salary. Plus, any required travel arrangements are paid by us. A month’s pay for a month’s work. REAL work. That should help put a dent in those student debts!

Think you have something to contribute? Then we’re looking for you! For more information on “CEO for One Month” and to apply visit us at  .

About Way to Work™
The Adecco Group launched Way to Work in 2013 to tackle youth unemployment and skills shortages, develop young people’s employability, and help them enter the world of work. Through Way to Work, The Adecco Group provides young people with internships and apprenticeships (over 10,500 between 2015 and 2016), career guidance and training, and an opportunity to be the ‘CEO for One Month’.

About the Adecco Group
The Adecco Group is the world’s leading workforce solutions partner. We provide more than 700,000 people with permanent and flexible employment every day. With more than 33,000 employees in 60 countries, we transform the world of work one job at a time. Our colleagues serve more than 100,000 organisations with the talent, HR services and cutting-edge technology they need to succeed in an ever-changing global economy. As a Fortune Global 500 company, we lead by example, creating shared value that meets social needs while driving business innovation. Our culture of inclusivity, fairness and teamwork empowers individuals and organisations, fuels economies, and builds better societies. These values resonate with our employees, who voted us number 2 on the Great Place to Work® – World’s Best Workplaces 2017 list. We make the future work for everyone.

The Adecco Group is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Adecco Group AG is registered in Switzerland (ISIN: CH0012138605) and listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (ADEN). The group is powered by eight lead brands: Adecco, Modis, Badenoch & Clark, Spring Professional, Lee Hecht Harrison, Pontoon, Adia and YOSS.

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Revitalize your Job Search for 2018

You still have time to make your new career resolutions for 2018.  Start off by finding a new approach to landing that next job!  To help, we’ve got four tips to revitalize your job search in this New Year!

  1. A new “social” you

Refreshing your social networking profiles might just do the trick.  Employers like to gain information about potential candidates by checking out their social media profiles. So, be sure your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts provide a positive picture of you and remove images or content that may reflect negatively.  Also, adjust your privacy settings to ensure you are in complete control of what others see about you online.  As for LinkedIn, be sure to include skills in your profile that are relevant and up to date.  A profile summary goes a long way and so does sharing thought provoking articles that position you as an expert in your field.

  1. A resume makeover

For many employers, their first (and lasting!) impression of a candidate comes from what is written on their resume. That means the sure the format and content in your resume really needs to highlight your skills and personality. Now yf you find that your resume isn’t landing you any calls or interviews, it may be time for a makeover. A good place to start is asking someone to provide a critique, or consult online samples to make revisions. And remember, no two jobs are alike, therefore you need to adapt your resume to suit the position you’re applying for and incorporate the buzz words they included in the job posting to make sure your resume comes up in their searches.

  1. Explore other avenues

Are those job boards you’re using not getting you any traction? Time to diversify your action plan! Start pushing the envelope and email the companies you’ve targeted to get your name out there. LinkedIn is a great tool to help with this. The search bar function allows you to pinpoint the hiring manager for many companies. Send them your tailored resume along with a short message that outlines the skills that make you the right choice for the role. You may not get a response, but that doesn’t mean your message went unnoticed!

Set realistic expectations

Expecting to take huge professional jumps can bring disappointment. If you’re looking to enter the workforce or make a career change, it’s essential to set realistic career expectations. Seek out roles that offer career progression. Consider applying for a position that focuses on experience instead of skills to possibly qualify you for that “dream job”.  Taking small steps and applying for a job in the right field could result in professional leaps and bounds later on!

Need help rejuvenating your job search? Let Adecco do the work for you! It’s absolutely free to register with us. With new temporary and permanent opportunities available daily, we may just have your next job.  Contact your local Adecco branch and register today!

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Attracting and Retaining Your Talent

It’s no secret that the key to any company’s success lies in the ability to maintain a committed and motivated workforce. With professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn, becoming the norm in recruitment strategies, it has become increasingly challenging to avoid turnover.

Here are some tips to help you in the areas of employee attraction and retention.

Attracting Talent

Fair compensation

One of the biggest mistakes an employer can make is to base their position’s salary on budget —not market rates. To ensure your pay rates are competitive within your market, consult Adecco’s 2018 Compensation Guide. Don’t forget competitive compensation encompasses more than just the base salary! Make sure you offer a flexible benefits program so your employees can pick a plan that satisfies their individual needs.

Referral bonuses

Good people know good people! Why not capitalize on that? To supplement your recruitment efforts, try offering the incentive of a referral bonus to . A gift card, paid vacation day or cash bonus encourages employees to refer only the best candidates.

Your online reputation

With online search engines leaving little to the imagination, building a good company reputation is essential for your hiring process. Bad reviews, scandals, news stories and complaints can scare off that potential candidate before they even step foot through your door. Make sure you monitor your online reputation to ensure your talent pool isn’t being influenced.

Clear and Concise Job Descriptions

Making sure you have job specs in place that carefully detail the role and responsibilities of the position ensures that the potential candidate understands the role’s expectations from the get go. A detailed job description also allows the candidate you’re interviewing gage what they will be accountable for delivering and what how their performance will be measured.

Retaining your staff

Job Training

There is nothing more challenging than being thrown into a new position with little to no training. Regardless of what’s listed on that new employee’s resume, a new company brings new technologies, software and office practices. Providing a thorough training session for new hires will help instill confidence in their new role. Pressed on time? Consider curating a department manual. This can be used as a supplementary training aid, as well as a reference guide of expectations and proper procedures for the entire department.

Positive Work Culture

Spending 40-hours a week at work is taxing on even the best employee. Ensuring your employees have a great atmosphere to spend most of their waking hours demonstrates just how much you value them. Celebrating holidays, organizing luncheons and implementing casual dress days are just a few ways to develop a culture that keeps employees motivated.

Employee incentive programs

Incentive programs keep employees motivated. A common incentive is the profit sharing program.  This incentive allows an employee to be rewarded based on the company’s success. Working within a budget? Don’t be afraid to get creative! Try offering a paid lunch, a gift card for coffee or to the movies, and watch employee productivity increase!


Every employee appreciates constructive feedback. Not only does it open a dialogue, it also confirms the employee’s value. Make sure to reward a job well done with special acknowledgement to not only keep employees motivated, but also boost job performance.

Development and growth opportunities

Professional development is a driving motivator to many employees. They want to be assured they are in a position that’s linked to growth opportunities. To assist employees with their professional development, hold annual or bi-annual reviews, set realistic career goals and create action plans. Finally, make sure employees are aware when an internal position is available to give them an opportunity to apply.

Work/Life balance

At the end of the day, work family is not real family. Employees have a life outside of their cubicle and it’s important to consider what you can do to better that life. With modern technology, it is becoming increasingly common for companies to implement flex hours, or virtual work options. These options give employees the flexibility to manage their personal life, while maintaining productivity in their professional one.

Looking to increase your success at attracting and retaining talent? Adecco is here to help! Contact your local Adecco Branch to speak with one of our specialized recruitment consultants!

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