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And now for a message from our Canadian Win4Youth Ambassadors!

The Win4Youth program brings The Adecco Group employees, associates and clients together to share their passion for sport and to have a positive impact on the lives of young people around the world.  At the end of October, we’re excited to have 2 members of our Adecco Group family join 70 colleagues from around the world at the first ever Win4Youth Triathlon, powered by Oceanlava, in Lanzarote, Spain.

Anne Nguyen and Christian Robert are Canada’s representatives on the North American team. They were selected for their passion for Win4Youth, social media and fundraising efforts, and their dedication to The Adecco Group core values. Below, Anne and Christian tell us about their individual journeys to become Win4Youth ambassadors.

Anne Nguyen

What initially enticed me to consider applying to become a Win4Youth Ambassador was the opportunity to travel to Europe and make connections within The Adecco Group globally. However, I didn’t think I would be able to do the activities it took to get selected, like organizing a fundraiser and increasing my social media presence. I also worried about completing the triathlon if I was selected.

As I mulled over my application, I spoke with a colleague who had triathlon experience. She helped me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to. It also didn’t hurt that I made it a goal at the beginning of 2018 to push myself out of my comfort zone.

A few days later, I realized I wanted it. I wanted to be Canada’s Win4Youth Ambassador. I wanted to be the ambassador that could motivate all the underdogs! So, I took the leap. I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

With the help and support of my manager, we started a competition between our Calgary and Edmonton branches to see which office could log the most kilometres in 5 days. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like the Battle of Alberta to light a fire under everyone. Not only did I succeed at getting mostly everyone to participate, I was able to fundraise and create awareness for my charity of choice, Believe in the Gold,[1] which raises funds for childhood cancer research and family support in Alberta.

Now as I begin to share my journey, I want people to realize that anything is possible. I want to be able to share all the highs and lows, and prove that self-doubt is nothing when you have an amazing support network behind you. My journey has only begun and I already feel so grateful for all the support I have received. I am so proud to be part of The Adecco Group Family and can’t wait to make you all proud! Please continue to follow my journey over these next few months and see me cross the finish line in Lanzarote, Spain in October.

Christian Robert

I have been running off and on for the last 20 years, and more regularly in the last year and a half. I even participated in a marathon in 2006 and have run a few 10K races and half marathons in recent years. But I’m far from an elite athlete; I’m especially not an experienced cyclist or swimmer. I even once told my avid triathlete brother-in-law that I would never do a triathlon. Too hard, too much training and engagement. Not for me.

Yet here I am, committed to my first Olympic triathlon in October. What happened? The easy answer is I lost my mind — but it’s a little more complicated than that.

In the last 18 months, I’ve been more committed to my training than ever before. I haven’t been training harder, necessarily, but I’ve been more consistent, focusing on my next run and striving to never miss a training session. It’s all thanks to the Win4Youth program, which got me started and keeps me motivated while I compete against my colleagues to log more kilometres than everyone else.

But, as I’ve learned about myself, I also need new challenges to keep me motivated. Otherwise, I get bored without a “mission” to accomplish and I slow down my training; running less often to the point where I have to start training all over again. Trying to maintain my ranking as one of the top 5 Canadian colleagues who has logged the most kilometres would only keep me motivated for so long. So, I registered for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon last fall and then for the Around the Bay Road Race in March. It worked. I kept training regularly.

But then what? If I didn’t have a project to concentrate on, I worried that my bad habit of losing motivation would resurface. And this time, I decided it would be different. I would continue training no matter what. There are just too many benefits! (Stay tuned for my thoughts on this topic!)

 “What keeps me going is goals.”

  • Muhammad Ali

My main objective was simple: continue exercising regularly. To do so, I had to find a new mission. Even though I was scared to admit it, the Win4Youth triathlon was the perfect project. It would take me out of my comfort zone, but still be exciting and motivating! I mean, travelling to Belgium and Lanzarote (have you see what it looks like?) and having all your colleagues cheering you on — that’s exciting! For me, the scary part is having to swim 1.5 km in the ocean, cycle 40 km and run 10 km, but if I train consistently, I know I can do it. Besides, now that I’ve found my “mission”, I’m fine.

So far, it’s working. I’m concentrating on preparing for training camp in Ghent, Belgium by focusing on swimming to improve my technique and endurance, and adding cycling to my routine.

I’ll strive to do as well as the previous Canadian ambassadors and make everyone proud. This is the beginning of a long journey. My goal: enjoy every minute of it. Stay tuned for more to come on my adventure.

This is the first in a series from our Win4Youth Ambassadors as they get ready for the Win4Youth Triathlon in Lanzarote, Spain. Read more about the program here.[2] And follow along on Facebook[3] and Twitter[4] with #Win4Youth.

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Millennials Want More… Corporate Social Responsibility!

By CEO for One Month, Alana Couvrette

Millennials sometimes seem to get a bad rep as a narcissistic, entitled and self-centered generation. But is this fair to say? I don’ t think so…

For example, millennials expect more from their employers than a paycheck. They have a genuine desire to give back to communities, near and far. For them, purposeful work and the ability to create a positive impact take precedence on profit and salary. In fact, in a recent survey, it was revealed that 45% of student about to enter the workforce would even take a pay cut “for a job that makes a social or environmental impact.” They seek to work for organizations who enshrine good values and ethics into their business model.

Organizations, like Adecco, have taken note of this trend. They know that having an organization-wide aspiration to making a positive difference is part of their value-proposition for attracting and retaining the millennial talent pool.
However, trumpeting your values and ethics isn’t enough. You can’t just talk the talk… The young talent pool is eager to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and participate in the efforts to improve communities near and dear to them. Organizations need to be able to offer opportunities for employees to truly engage in the change that they wish to make. Millennials seek diverse volunteerism opportunities.

At Adecco, our core values-passion, entrepreneurship, team spirit, responsibility and customer focus- permeate the whole business. As Adecco Canada’s CEO for One Month, I noticed this right away and can testify to their relevancy in our work. These values are also conveyed through our global employee engagement program, Win4Youth. This program encourages participants to clock up kilometers (through cycling, swimming or running) which are turned into donations to help disadvantaged youngsters find employment.

On June 22nd, 2017, Adecco Canada hosted their annual Solidarity Day, a day dedicated to Win4Youth. We spent the afternoon as a team running around Toronto completing a scavenger hunt filled with wacky photo ops and funny tasks. Maybe it’s just me but I didn’t even notice that we each accumulated around 9 kilometers. Multiply that by the total number of employees in the office and you’ve got a healthy donation! Curious to know how the day went? Watch this short video I made!

Still think millennials are self-centered? Deloitte’s Millennial Survey found that 7,800 young leaders from 29 different countries believe that the business world is getting it wrong. Close to 75% say that they feel businesses are “focused on their own agendas rather than improving society.”

Who’s looking self-centered now?



Triathlons Made Me a Better Employee

My legs are on fire; they feel so heavy. My mouth is chalk-dry, I’m extremely thirsty. People around me are cheering but the noise is so intense that I can’t distinguish the voices. A bell rings continuously, as if someone is trying to gain my attention. My body leans dangerously forward. I raise my head to catch my balance. The side of my face is so hot; the sweat is burning my skin! To my right, I see children cheering and wanting a high-five. Far ahead, I see a woman holding up a sign, “How did you get those great legs?” Next to her is a man with a sign that reads, “You can do this!” I sport a huge smile, despite the pain. After 1.9 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21 km of running, I cross the finish line of my first half IRONMAN (70.3) triathlon race.

Why? Why not!

I began training for triathlons a few years ago and I quickly found that it’s not just a sport, but a way of life. As a triathlete, I’ve become more aware of who I am and I’ve developed skills and personality traits that have transcended into my career and personal life.


I began training for triathlons as a novice athlete. I felt exasperated during my first few outings especially during the first swim challenge. As I got over this hurdle, the experience taught me a lot. I learned to be humble, to challenge myself and to work better within a team.

These skills have helped in my work environment too! I’ve became more empathetic towards new employees, I’ve learned to overcome work obstacles and to work effectively with my team.

Goal Oriented

Triathlons teach us to set goals, to go faster, and to go further. There are individuals that have lost their passion, given up, or have stopped setting life goals. They may continue to dream, but they’ve quit working towards their goals or specific timelines. They tell themselves “when I have the time, I’d like to…”, but they never seem to make the time.

The triathlon motivates individuals into setting goals and becoming achievers.  To finish what they start, and persevere until they reach their goal.  Triathletes don’t put off till tomorrow, what they can do today.

Self-honesty and Self Motivation

Triathletes learn quickly to know themselves and face the truth.  For instance, you’ve finished a race and the time on your watch is below your expectations, you realize you have to motivate yourself to try harder the next time. You can’t be someone that ends your spinning training 5-10 minutes early by convincing yourself you will do it next session. It’s about being honest with yourself.  It’s about seizing the moment.  It’s about learning to be self-motivated and not only setting your goals, but seeing them through.

The skills gained will allow you to be forthright and motivated to get the job done.

Energy and Productivity

Employees who are involved in sports have more energy and are less likely to become ill. According to a study by Goodwill, “a sedentary individual who starts practicing a sport at work will increase his or her productivity by 6% – 9%.[1]. Employers see “a 1% – 14% increase in net productivity.”[2] Thus, it pays to be athletic! Need I say more?

IRONMAN quote:

“There are two types of people, those who say I CAN’T and those who say I CAN!”

Which one are you?

Why Participate in Win4Youth

The Adecco’s Win4Youth program allows employees and clients to log their km when they take part in sports events during their free time. The km are then turned into donations supporting disadvantaged youngsters, children and their families around the globe. In eight years, this initiative has raised €2 million for various charity organizations.

Win4Youth provides employees with the opportunity to get healthy and share quality time with their peers and family members. By encouraging one another to exercise, we work together towards a common goal. It is not just about the organizations profitability but about helping the less fortunate and creating a wonderful team experience.

So, are you convinced? I hope so! See you next time at the track, in the pool or on the bike path!

Happy training,


Pierre-Luc Pérusse is the Branch Manager for Adecco’s Quebec City branch. He helps organizations attract the best talent and leads a team of innovative recruiters. With over 5 years of experience in the staffing industry, Pierre-Luc believes a recruiter’s greatest asset is his personality and his ability to build relationships. Heading into his thirties, he likes to juggle challenges: young family, career, IRONMAN – he is always ready for the next one. A graduate of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières’s Human Resources program, Pierre-Luc enjoys sharing his passion for the field on social media.





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Win4Youth 2017 | The Year of Opportunities & Challenges

As the weather gets warmer outside, Win4Youth nestles deeper into the hearts of all colleagues at Adecco. For the eighth year in a row, colleagues all over the globe will be taking part in sporting events and individual athletic pursuits — united behind a great cause of giving disadvantaged youth around the world a brighter future.

And to celebrate Canada150, we’re encouraging each and every colleague to complete 150km this year. It’s ambitious, but with the dedication of Adecco’s colleagues, clients and associates — we know we can reach it!

To champion the cause, each country elects a deserving ambassador to organize athletic events, encourage teammates and eventually participate in in the Gavà Triathlon in Spain this September. We are thrilled to announce Canada’s 2017 Win4Youth Athletic Ambassador: Genevieve Ferlatte, Branch Manager – Montreal!

Genevieve will spend months training for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and will document her progress and journey here on Lēad Blog. We are confident that she will apply the same tenacity, dedication and winning attitude to her Win4Youth ambassadorship as she does to her branch.

Read more

Win4Youth 2016 | 2 Weeks Before Ocean Lava

Tracy Rocca—Adecco’s VP of Partnerships— learned in April that she was selected to represent Canada as our Win4Youth ambassador for 2016. Before starting her journey, she had never completed a triathlon and could barely swim. But it was Tracy’s passion, tenacity and commitment to the cause that made her the frontrunner for this year’s ambassadorship.

In just 2 weeks, Tracy and 72 other Adecco ambassadors from across the world will be participating in the Ocean Lava Lanzarote Triathlon in Spain. The event will mark the finale to the 2016 Win4Youth Initiative: a 10-month long journey in which Adecco employees, Associates and clients across the world run, swim and cycle to accumulate mileage towards a collective kilometer goal. Once the goal is met, Adecco makes a substantial donation to various global foundations that support disadvantaged children and their families. This year, we’re jogging, swimming and biking towards an ambitious 3,500,000km goal!

Below are Tracy’s reflections as she gears up for Spain.

It’s hard to believe that in 2 short weeks I will be competing in the big event for which I have been training for over 4 months: the Ocean Lava Triathlon in Lanzarote, Spain.

The last 4 months have been an absolute whirlwind of activity. In addition to my kids, concentrated training schedules and daily life, this is also the busiest time of year in Partnerships, as—for the most part—our clients ramp in Q3 and Q4.  Finding the time to fit in intensified training has been challenging as I need to make sure I am available to our onsite clients, support my staff and continue my Win4Youth responsibilities.  I’m not sure how, but so far—I’m right on track.

It’s the support I receive from my friends, colleagues and family that keeps me committed to the program. One of my favorite moments throughout this journey was when I first rode my bike on the road and I could hear loud music blasting behind me. As I was trying to stay on my bike, I thought “turn your music down!” Then I heard a familiar voice:  “GO MOM GO!” It was my son following me in the car playing the Rocky theme song…Gonna fly now!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the Belgium training camp and my last post, the other Global ambassadors and I were given a 6 week training schedule (to start).  As intensive as it seemed, I was still unsure about how I was going to be truly ready for this huge event in 4 months. Well, I approached it like any large project: breaking it up into baby steps. I started with cycling for an hour, running for 30 minutes, learning to swim—and gradually increased each activity and intensity level.

As my endurance and time has increased over the last 4 months, so has my confidence…for the most part.  But I have also had a few dips in the road.  There have been some practice triathlons (which I call baby tri’s) that I have entered.  The first one was in August. I was so confident going in but after about 5 seconds in the open water, I had a panic attack.  However, I was able to lean on my mental training, calmed down and swam the whole thing! I was one of the slowest people that day—based on my doggy paddle and back crawl—but I proudly made it out!  The bike and the run were pretty awesome but that swim was tracy_hockeymy wakeup call. I went the very next day to the Caledon Triathlon Club and chatted—well, pleaded—with their head coach to give me some lessons.  It’s funny how the same message stated in a different way can change everything.  I now can swim in my new 2,000m “pool” (the quarry in Caledon) at a very leisurely and relaxed pace.

Not only can I swim 2,000m (in just over an hour), but I can also ride my bike on the hills in Caledon for 3 hours or more (and amass 70km in W4Y mileage) and run 10km in just over an hour.  That is where training has gotten me today. Every week I take part in about 10–12 hours of training and have added hockey recently as well!

I leave in a week for the journey of a lifetime. Our North American team is 11 people strong and I have become so close to all of them. I am filled with pride at my accomplishments and am overwhelmed by the gratitude that I feel for Adecco in supporting me through all of this.  I get goosebumps every time I realized that every single kilometer that my colleagues, clients, Associates and I take gives dollars to our supported charities that provide better lives and opportunities for youth around the world. And that’s what this is all about.

I can’t wait to see all the other ambassadors in Spain and run this amazing race with them…Let’s go Win 4 Youth!

About Adecco’s Win4Youth Initiative:

Win_4_Youth_RGB LogoNow in its seventh year, Win4Youth supports foundations giving children and families in need a better start in life. Since its inception, Win4Youth has raised over $2 million USD for youth charities through sports events organized in more than 60 countries, involving thousands of Adecco employees, Associates and clients around the world. In 2016, we will be swimming, cycling and running to reach the goal of 3,500,000 kilometers. The combined kilometer count will be converted into a donation to 9 foundations, supporting abandoned, orphaned or sick children, helping families from disadvantaged communities and assisting civilian victims of natural disasters, wars and economic collapse. Adecco employees will also be volunteering at the foundations, helping them in daily operations and learning first-hand how Win4Youth supports their work.

More about Adecco’s global Win4Youth initiative and how you can get involved can be found at: |

Win4Youth 2016 | Solidarity Day: 1 day, a Lifetime of Change

By now, our loyal readers know all about Adecco’s Global Win4Youth Initiative— currently in its 7th year. Adecco employees, Associates and clients run, swim and cycle throughout the year to contribute to each country’s mileage goal. If they meet it, Adecco Group gives a sizeable donation to various foundations supporting disadvantaged communities and youth development around the world.

In Canada, our 2016 goal is to reach a whopping 60,000kms and this past Tuesday— July 19th—every single one of Adecco’s 40+ branches and offices across the country helped us get there by taking part in our annual Solidarity Day.

The day started off with speeches and words of encouragement from our President and Country Manager—Sandra Hokansson, and our 2016 Canadian Win4Youth Ambassador—Tracy Rocca. The speeches were delivered out of our Toronto HQ but were broadcast live through Periscope for all to hear. These inspirational words were followed by a heartfelt rendition of the official Win4Youth song. Being the land of Celine Dion and Neil Young, we had to show off our singing (and swaying) chops: “One soul, one vibe, one team, one goal!”



After lunch, our 400+ Adecco Colleagues from coast to coast departed from their respective offices to take either a 1.5km, 5km or 10km scenic route through their city streets, towns or neighborhoods. Colleagues walked, jogged, sprinted, rode, ran, biked or “strolled” in unison with their fellow co-workers from across the country—all to benefit this year’s chosen youth foundations.

The W4Y branded t-shirts, water bottles, canteens and temporary tattoos we donned also helped bring awareness to the initiative as the teams snaked around the chosen routes. Pictures from across the country piled in on social media through the #W4Y hashtag of Adecco Colleagues painting their towns red for the cause.


From 1.5km power walks to 10k races among friends, each employee brought Canada closer to reaching its 2016 National Goal. Solidarity Day had a tremendous impact on our rankings. The day alone added 2,165kms to Canada’s tally and 30 new Colleagues signed up to track their mileage!

Our 2016 goal is to reach 60,000kms by the end of the year. We’re right on track by being half way there at 37,438kms and counting!


Win4Yout Goal Tracker


Thank you to everyone for making Solidarity Day such a success.

For more on Adecco’s Win4Youth Initiative, visit: