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Reaching a Middle Ground: Reconciling the Millennial Generation with the Boomers

By Alana Couvrette, 2017 CEO for Month

By 2025, Millennials will represent 75% of the total global workforce[1]. Considering these numbers, I would argue that one of the greatest challenges our society will face is reconciling the Millennial generation with the more seasoned one, the Boomers.

A lot of generational stereotypes are out there. Pundits will say that Boomers are old, set in their ways and technophobes. Millennials, on the other hand, are viewed as selfish, entitled and hopeless narcissists. However, instead of pointing fingers, we should think more constructively and put our efforts into identifying ways to stop this growing generational chasm.

Although at the individual level, there is cause for a change in mentality, thought leadership should originate chiefly at the macro level: through organizations. Workplaces are where generational reconciliation must occur, which means that organizations must play a leading role in creating the conditions for its success.

Initiatives like Adecco’s CEO for One Month help this reconciliation effort by breaking down institutional and hierarchical silos. On one hand, it allows the millennial generation to interact directly with senior management, giving them a chance to learn from their expertise and vast experience. It’s an opportunity for the Boomer’s institutional memory to be transferred to younger generations.

On the other hand, it also encourages senior management to move out of their comfort zone and incites them to be open to new ideas. Millennials can help Boomers stay relevant, in a world of constant change.

However, we don’t need initiatives as articulate as CEO for One Month to create change. It can be as simple as implementing a mentoring program or organizing weekly “Lunch with Senior Management” sessions, to foster dialogue between employees.

We shouldn’t pursue this objective simply because “it’s the right thing to do”. There is pragmatic impetus to unite generations. In the long run, investing in bridging generational gaps will result in a stronger, more efficient work culture.

Successfully navigating our intergenerational future requires crafting the right organizational strategies -sooner rather than later.


Take the Lead: February 8, 2017

Have you ever considered working in a contact centre? If you imagine a warehouse with rows and rows of headsets, you’re likely picturing a call centre from days gone by. Modern contact centres have changed quite a bit in recent years and encompass client support through not just calls, but often emails and chats as well.

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Take the Lead: November 10, 2016

Happy International Accounting Day! Every year, the day for honouring the accounting profession falls on November 10th because it marks the anniversary of the publication of the “Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita” back in 1494. It was the first book that contained essays on double-entry bookkeeping and inspired other works on commercial accounting.

If you’re a numbers guru and have a knack for balancing budgets—consider applying for an accounting-related role that Adecco is currently hiring for across the country:

Payroll Supervisor | Burnaby, BC

Adecco Professional has partnered up with one of Greater Vancouver’s high profile organizations to seek for a Payroll Supervisor. You will get to lead the Corporate Payroll function as well as design, develop and implement changes to the payroll system. The successful candidate will be rewarded with great benefits and an excellent team environment.

Apply here today.

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Take the Lead: July 8, 2016

In honour of Video Game Day, this Take the Lead is dedicated to various gaming positions available through our IT Division – Roevin.

If your developer skills are unmatched and you’re definitely not a button masher – consider applying for a gaming industry role that we’re currently hiring for:

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Take the Lead: April 27, 2016

While the name may have changed over the years, the last week of April has been dedicated to celebrating Administrative Professionals since 1955, with the Wednesday being observed as Administrative Professionals’ Day. The holiday is meant to recognize the work that administrative support personnel perform across wide-ranging job titles and responsibilities. Some welcome the dedicated day for the recognition of their work while others have raised objections to the holiday. No matter your views, it is unquestionable that businesses could not run without their committed administrative staff.

If you have a knack for helping businesses run smoothly, keeping teams organized and playing a part in almost every office function – consider applying for an administrative role that Adecco is currently hiring for:

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Take the Lead: March 14, 2016

In honour of Pi Day (3/14) we’re focusing today’s Take the Lead on a sample of engineering positions currently available through our Engineering Division – Roevin Engineering & Technical. The following is just a sample of Roevin and Adecco Canada’s hottest jobs. If you don’t find the roles you’re looking for here, visit or to view all of our job openings across Canada or to sign up for alerts.  If you know of anyone currently looking for an engineering position, please share this blog post with your network and help somebody find their next great career today!

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