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New Year, New You 2014 Internship Winner Blog: – Officially at the Finish Line!

Hello friends! If you’re out of the loop on what has happened during my internship, please read my previous entries!

Today is August 7, 2014 and tomorrow is my last day with Adecco Canada. I can’t believe 12 weeks went by in the blink of an eye! Things here have been busier than ever before. In my last two weeks with Adecco, I had the opportunity to work with the collections team. This is not your typical collections department with lots of phone activity; rather, the work is heavily analytical, and detail-oriented. I was trained by Catherine McDonald and she was an amazing trainer, taking the time to show me all the intricate steps to fulfill an invoice. I had the chance to learn how to use ADP, an automatic data processing system, where we invoice our clients to get paid for the job done by Adecco’s associates. Learning how to use ADP was certainly challenging at first with all the different fields to fill out, but after a few practice invoices, I was ready to go on my own. Within a week, I was given monthly invoices to complete, which was not the easiest thing to do, but it sure was rewarding at the end seeing how much money I helped the team collect. Read more

New Year, New You 2014 Internship Winner Blog: Week 8 – So Much to Do and So Little Time!

Hello friends!

It is officially the start of Week Eight with Adecco Canada, and this week things are starting off with a bang! Aside from writing this blog, I’ve got several projects to wrap up: summer infographic research; sourcing potential catering for the annual Win4Youth event; Twitter research for Roevin; and creating a LinkedIn profile template for the Sales team to use across Canada. Although there’s quite a bit to accomplish, I am truly grateful to be in such a supportive environment. And speaking of supportive I can’t think of anyone else who is as generous, smart, and assiduous than Jhanelle Bent, Marketing Coordinator.

Throughout my internship experience, Jhanelle has been instrumental to my success. From showing and guiding me through the hefty Adecco marketing standard guidelines to helping me troubleshoot PowerPoint presentations, Jhanelle has a wide range of knowledge and it’s rare for her not know the answer to a question. Read more

New Year, New You 2014 Internship Winner Blog: Week 6 – Halfway to the Finish Line!

Hello friends!

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me since my first blog post, but just in case you’re scratching your heading wondering who I am, my name’s Johnny Wu and I am the grand prize winner of Adecco Canada’s New Year, New You Internship Contest.

This week, Ken Graham, Director of Training and Development at Adecco Canada, presented my LinkedIn training presentation to the Toronto branch, located at 401 BayStreet. After having worked on this project for three weeks full of meetings and revisions, I was confident about the presentation, but anxious to know if I was on target to deliver value to the team. Shortly after people trickled into the boardroom, including some senior staff and a slew of permanent consultants from various parts of GTA, the introduction began, followed by an ice breaker to get everyone acquainted. Then it was time to start the presentation. Read more

New Year, New You 2014 Internship Winner Blog: Introducing Johnny Wu!

Although it is officially a couple of weeks into my internship here at Adecco Canada, I still remember that moment when I checked my email on April 2, 2014.

“Congratulations Johnny Wu, Adecco Canada is pleased to announce that you have been chosen as the GRAND PRIZE winner of our New Year, New You: 2014 Internship Contest!”

Oh my God?! I won?! I thought to myself. I was filled with excitement, anxiety and shocked that I won. I still remember that one Wednesday night back in March when I was drawing up concepts, filming and experiencing multiple software crashes while editing. But eventually it was all finally done…at 3AM. Making videos is a passion of mine and when I saw the Adecco Contest I was determined to submit an entry, but never did I imagine I would be the grand prize winner. I truly didn’t know what to expect from this internship, but I had a good feeling that it would involve me doing interesting work. Be sure to check out a snippet of my video submission below! Read more