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Job References: How to Ask for Them and Who to Use

So you’ve landed yourself a job (almost). Congratulations! Now your potential employer has asked you for three references and you start to panic about who to pick and what they’ll say about you. Don’t stress; if you choose the right people, the rest will fall into place. It is important to choose carefully because reference checks can make – or break – a job search. Who do you want talking to your future employer? Do you have your choices in mind? Okay, good. Now let’s double check if they’re the right fit, and then how to ask your top choices to be a reference.

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Benefits of Submitting Your Resume Online

Looking to have your resume fall into the hands of recruiters? The more career websites and staffing sites you submit your resume to, the easier it will be when it comes time to securing job offers. A simple way to have your online information working for you is by submitting your resume for job postings online.  Employers and staffing companies utilize portals which store your resume and contact information in one location for them to access later. Have you ever considered setting up a profile? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits to establishing a profile on a staffing website or employer’s career portal.

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What I’ve Learned (So Far) – Career Advice from an Adecco Summer Intern

Adecco’s Proposal and Marketing Intern Katelyn Reischke is sharing her advice on how to take advantage of career opportunities as a student seeking relevant employment. Check out her tips below.

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The Anatomy of a Handshake

Too firm, too soft, and too sweaty are all key indicators that you need to work on your handshake. The way you present yourself to someone for the first time speaks volumes about the type of person that you are. Want to make a good first impression? We’ve broken down the anatomy of the handshake to help you master this hands-on approach to networking.

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How to Highlight Technical Transferable Skills for Any Role

Are you an engineer who’s disenchanted with engineering? Maybe you’re a programmer who’s peeved with programming? Career changes are a part of professional life now more than ever, even if you’re “simply” moving from a technical career path to a managerial one in your current field. Unfortunately, technical professionals are sometimes stereotyped as lacking the kinds of soft skills that employers like to see in non-technical roles.

Employers sometimes believe – mistakenly – that technical people, while great when it comes to the nuts and bolts of particular products and other pragmatic problems, are not practiced enough in the delicacies of dealing with people. They assume not only that “soft skills” is synonymous with “transferable skills”, but that these skills are innate rather than learned (or learnable).

So if you’re a technical professional trying to transition into a non-technical role, the key to success lies in overcoming the unfair stereotypes surrounding your soon-to-be former field by highlighting just how transferable your skills really are. Read more

Top Six Phone Interview Tips

We’ve offered a lot of job interview advice on this blog, particularly when it comes to the in-person interview. From how to control your body language to what to wear, we’ve covered it. But what about that initial phone interview? Surely, there’s less to worry about? After all, a good answer’s a good answer whether you’re in a suit or your pajamas, right? Well, although clothing and body language can’t be seen during a phone interview, there are still a lot of dynamics at play, some of which may even be accentuated precisely because you can’t be seen. Not to worry, though. Here are our top six phone interview tips to get you past the screening and into a meeting: Read more