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Deciding between a job offer and your current job: Tips for making the right move

Deciding between a job offer and your current job: woman at crossroads

We’ve moved! To find this article and more like it, check us out at our new home and don’t forget to subscribe. Receiving a job offer from a prospective employer may be a great feeling, but you still have a decision to make: do you take the new job or stay at your current one? Faced with this tough decision, it’s time to take into consideration all aspects of your potential new job and your existing role to decide on a job offer.

You’ve learned how to negotiate a job offer, now you’re ready to master how to evaluate a job offer. Deciding between a job offer and your current job is not an easy process. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration to determine the best opportunity to pursue. With that in mind, let’s review a few key elements to successfully evaluate a job offer and make the best decision for you.

Evaluate the job offer

With a new job offer on the table, it’s time to reflect on your current position and evaluate the offering at hand to determine the best opportunity for you.


Regardless of how high salary and benefits are on your priority list, fair compensation is an important consideration in evaluating a job offer. Your salary should be reflective of your value within the labour market and industry standards. But don’t forget that when negotiating compensation, you should look to more than just salary. Don’t discount the other elements of a compensation package like health benefits, vacation time and other offerings that best cover your personal and professional needs.

Work/life balance

Work/life balance: balance stones against the sea

Finding employment that caters to a healthy work/life balance can make the difference when it comes to your overall health and success in the role. When evaluating the job offer, look for work/life balance options that will be relevant to your life. These can include telecommuting, flex work schedules, paid time off, and limited communication expectations after work hours. Then, consider which role is more conducive to your lifestyle before making a final decision.


The best employers invest in their employees, so is your potential new organization ready to invest in you? If you’re looking to stay at your company for a long time, make sure you’ll be able to grow there. Does the organization encourage and provide development opportunities for their employees? Be on the lookout for things like education reimbursements, discussing career goals and creating action plans, and promotions from within.

Corporate culture

How to evaluate a job offer: business team chatting at coffee break

As the average American spends a whopping 90,000 hours at work, finding the right corporate culture fit is more important than ever! A company’s corporate culture is defined by their mission, values and ethics and can affect you work environment and management expectations. Understanding the fundamentals of the organization’s corporate culture can lead to a happier and more productive career by ensuring that you’re the right fit for the organization — and vice versa.

Compare with your work values

Once you’ve identified the compensation, work/life balance, development and corporate culture offered from both opportunities, you’re ready to compare the offerings with your own work values to determine the perfect fit.

Consider the following:

  • What work values matter the most to you?
  • Does the job offer support your core work values?
  • Does the hiring company support these values as well?

Recognize that although the job offer may meet your values and goals in the short term, if the organization can’t meet your long-term aspirations it may not be the right opportunity for you.

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