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A Guide to Hiring in Your Peak Season

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Seasonal fluctuations within the retail and manufacturing industries can leave organizations treading water trying to meet high demands. Hoping to successfully navigate the current? Implementing a temporary workforce can ensure your team adapts to the demands of your busy peak season.

Seasonal hiring is an essential practice for industries such as retail and manufacturing that ramp up to peak periods. Not only do temporary hires help organizations meet hard deadlines, they assist in filling personnel gaps for vacations, while reducing burnout and turnover of full time staff.

To help you capitalize on this seasonal solution, check out our guide to peak season hiring for retail and manufacturing.

Plan your training

Regardless of whether the seasonal support contract is for two days or two months, to enable the additional staff to fully contribute to your organization’s needs, it’s imperative that you provide sufficient training. This ensures that new hires feel welcome and valued, while also preparing them for the work ahead by giving you an opportunity to outline their roles and responsibilities. You may even consider implementing a mentorship program for seasonal associates with full-time staff to give them the support they need to find success in their position.

Be clear about expectations

Despite their “temporary” status, seasonal workers depend on an income to meet financial obligations and responsibilities of their own. Being straightforward about potential issues such as contract durations and benefits will help avoid disappointment in the long run, leading to a happier and more productive workforce.

Treat employees fairly

Though they may not be part of your team for long, they’re still part of your team! Encourage regular employees to reach out and mentor seasonal staff and include seasonal workers in any staff gatherings or team-building events. This will demonstrate to your temporary employees that they are valued, while building team camaraderie through your busy period. Plus, with the new “equal pay for equal work” regulations now in effect in Ontario, this is a good time to review your Employment Standards Handbook to ensure that you are properly compensating your seasonal workforce.

Stay connected

The end of the season doesn’t have to mean goodbye forever. Make sure to gather the contact information of your seasonal workforce, discuss availability and keep them posted about your peak periods. Not only are they trained employees ready for the next seasonal fluctuation, but they can create a strong candidate pool for your next permanent hire — saving you time, effort and financial resources in the long run.

Seasonal staff may be temporary, but it’s still your responsibility to train, support and encourage temporary workers while under your management. By following these pointers, you’ll be on your way to your most successful peak season yet.


Let Adecco manage your seasonal hiring for you! With the world’s largest network of candidates at our fingertips and experience meeting the tightest of deadlines, we’ll ensure your organization exceeds your peak season goals! Contact your local branch today to get started.


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