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Top Trending Engineering Jobs

With demand increasing for technology, science and computing, engineering candidates are a hot commodity. We’ve got insight on the upcoming years’ trending engineering roles that offer competitive salaries and job security.

Civil Engineer

With the population continuously increasing, our infrastructure will require growth to support it. This includes the maintenance and construction of new roadways, management of water supply, waste filtration and residential real estate development. This career path means that you’ll be creating new infrastructures in a healthy economy and maintaining and repairing the existing infrastructure in a recessed economy — making it virtually recession proof!

Environmental Engineers

Unsurprisingly, with an increase in socio-economic pressures for sustainable energy, environmental engineers are in high demand. Their jobs include applying their knowledge of natural science to develop solutions for air and water pollution, recycling, waste management and green energy. An increasingly environmentally conscious civilization means environmental engineers have the opportunity to implement changes that better our society and world.

Software Engineers

From cell phones, to cars, to household appliances, these days a computer can be found in everything! With an emphasis on cloud technology and mobile computing, software engineers develop new systems and apps, increase cyber security and create code — making this industry extremely profitable for budding engineers with an interest in math.

“Digital technologies and artificial intelligence will become more closely integrated with all aspects of the traditional engineering sectors. Therefore, engineers who can expand and develop their expertise in this area beyond their current knowledge base will be in very high demand” – Mark Matters, Senior Vice President, Roevin

Petroleum and Chemical Process Engineers

In attempts to recover oil/gas where engineers have retired or left the industry, petroleum and chemical process engineers remain in high demand. Petroleum engineers conduct studies for new oil and gas fields, oversee drilling operations and develop production equipment. While chemical engineers develop processes that turn raw material into product. These engineers apply economic and environmental practices to ensure oil fields are efficient, safe and cost effective.

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