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A Day in the Life of a National Sales Executive

By Wendy Smith, National Sales Executive, Adecco Canada

Sales has been a natural part of my career in the staffing industry for the past 18 years.
I can honestly say that I genuinely love this industry and sales. Passion breeds enthusiasm, and in this industry, passion translates into a sincere desire to help clients find the right talent.

Sales — when done right — is actually service. It is the foundation of many businesses. In my role as a National Sales Executive for The Adecco Group, my job is to figure out the needs of our customer, and, map a solution that is right for them and their business.

A day in the life of a National Sales Executive starts with organization — planning being at the top of my list. I create a weekly and monthly schedule, with short and long-term goals. Following this type of strict schedule helps to develop the most accomplished salesperson.

And then comes the secret sauce. Prospecting, prospecting and more prospecting. This is key to becoming a prosperous salesperson. Constantly prospecting means my pipeline is always full and I’m talking to people every single day — no matter what.

When you get to connect with a prospect, they become your audience. And to win, you must understand your audience. If you are not armed with a good understanding of their experience, perspective and needs before you meet, you will be at a disadvantage. During the crucial pre-meeting discovery calls with key decision makers you need to gather as much information possible. My meetings with potential clients are guided by discussing their staffing issues, internal practices, future goals and objectives and most importantly, their service expectations. The reason why I make sure to get all this information (and maybe a little more) is because my ultimate goal is to become an extension of their HR team and to truly see how our solutions and services can benefit their business.

Another type of selling I do is through proposals. I work with our Proposal Team on large scale Request for Proposals (RFP). Working on these RFP’s puts me in a position to collaborate with The Adecco Group professionals across the country and world. The solutions we tend to recommend for these clients are our Master Vendor Program (MVP), MVP+, On-site Managed Services and our Recruitment Consulting solutions.

Selling is much easier if you’re selling a great product and service, one that is backed by excellent customer service — something I’m proud to be part of at The Adecco Group.
We have the greatest resources to provide our clients with the services they need, and recommend the right workforce strategy at a global, national and local level.

At The Adecco Group we inspire individuals and organizations to work more effectively and efficiently. Our business has a positive impact on millions of people every day, and I’m truly honoured to have the opportunity to meet with existing clients and potential new clients every day to shed light on the benefits of partnering with our organization for their staffing needs.

The core of my role as a National Sales Executive is understanding our clients’ needs, developing a tailored solution and executing our programs with a high level of service and value.
This is what truly sets The Adecco Group apart from our competitors.

I have found that the best sales people don’t focus on selling. They focus on helping their customers visualize a better solution. I make it a habit of building trust and credibility with prospects and remain committed to each and every client I meet. The Adecco Group’s foundation is built on valuing each organization’s needs and goals.


Wendy Smith has more than 18 years’ experience in the staffing industry. Wendy has worn many hats in our industry which has proven to be beneficial to our clients. She started her career as a recruiter, assisting clients with their temporary and permanent staffing needs, and, has managed the largest temporary and permanent staffing branches in Ontario.

Equipped with a strong understanding of recruitment processes and operations, Wendy arms our clients with knowledge on the current marketplace and, insight on what the best solution is for their objectives.

Wendy is part of The Adecco Group’s National Sales Team. Her role is to meet with our national clients to ensure Adecco offers and executes the right solution for their workforce needs, while managing all contract negotiations.

With her passion for our industry driving her, Wendy’s main goal is to ensure our clients have the right solutions from day one.

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