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Win4Youth 2017 | The Year of Opportunities & Challenges

As the weather gets warmer outside, Win4Youth nestles deeper into the hearts of all colleagues at Adecco. For the eighth year in a row, colleagues all over the globe will be taking part in sporting events and individual athletic pursuits — united behind a great cause of giving disadvantaged youth around the world a brighter future.

And to celebrate Canada150, we’re encouraging each and every colleague to complete 150km this year. It’s ambitious, but with the dedication of Adecco’s colleagues, clients and associates — we know we can reach it!

To champion the cause, each country elects a deserving ambassador to organize athletic events, encourage teammates and eventually participate in in the Gavà Triathlon in Spain this September. We are thrilled to announce Canada’s 2017 Win4Youth Athletic Ambassador: Genevieve Ferlatte, Branch Manager – Montreal!

Genevieve will spend months training for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and will document her progress and journey here on Lēad Blog. We are confident that she will apply the same tenacity, dedication and winning attitude to her Win4Youth ambassadorship as she does to her branch.

For a few years now, I’ve been training at the gym, and running and cycling with my family. I never imagined myself participating in a triathlon, but after attending a conference given by our 2016 Ambassador — Tracy Rocca — I started thinking about applying for the 2017 ambassadorship. I discussed the idea with my family, close colleagues and my manager, and with their encouragement, I decided to submit my application. Earlier this month, it was officially announced that I was selected and now I have the privilege and honour of participating in this great adventure.

I have to admit, however, that my appreciation and excitement over the opportunity has also been filled with some anxiety. Training for the Gavà Triathlon will be a major undertaking! It’s reassuring, however, to not be doing it alone as 75 Adecco colleagues from all over the world will be training along with me. The road toward Gavà will not always be easy (there will be highs and lows), but I know that I can count on the support of my Adecco colleagues. Since I was announced as the Canadian Ambassador, I have received several messages of encouragement from my coworkers and friends across Canada which I would like to thank them for. Their words inspire me and will continue to push me towards the goal.

Just today, I received a card from a colleague — Joanne Stewart, Adecco’s VP of Sales and Marketing — that described how Win4Youth is changing lives. At the heart of it, Win4Youth is not just an athletic competition; it also creates a significant global social impact. Each year, Adecco employees, associates and clients are invited to accumulate kilometers by swimming, running or cycling — alone or in groups. Adecco then turns these kilometers into a significant financial donation to 6 organizations that help make a real, long-lasting difference to children and families across the world. Over the last 7 years, Adecco has already donated over $2.5M for global youth foundations. Some of the incredible and inspiring foundations we will be supporting this year are detailed here. Undoubtedly, Win4Youth will have a significant impact on not only myself and my strength, but also on my children who will see their mother tackle a new challenge, and on thousands of young people around the globe who will be directly supported by this great cause. Joanne is right: Win4Youth is changing lives!

The next major milestone for me is the training camp taking place from May 18-22 in Ghent, Belgium. There, I will meet my fellow ambassadors and coaches who will accompany and support us during the coming months. I am currently focused on my personal training to ensure that I’ll be conditioned and in great shape for the training camp. Following our 4 days in Belgium, we will each receive a customized training plan that will take us to the triathlon. A year full of emotion awaits me, and I’m looking forward to enjoying every moment.

I’d like to extend a big “thank you” to my colleagues at Adecco Canada for their support, Adecco Québec for contributing to my nomination and of course — to my team for accompanying me on this new challenge. It is a pleasure and an honour to work with such a supportive group and company.


About Adecco’s Win4Youth Initiative:

Now in its eighth year, Win4Youth supports foundations giving children and families in need a better start in life. Since its inception, Win4Youth has raised over $2.5 million USD for youth charities through sports events organized in more than 60 countries, involving thousands of Adecco employees, associates and clients around the world. In 2017, we will be swimming, cycling and running to reach the goal of 4,300,000 kilometers. The combined kilometer count will be converted into a donation to 6 foundations. Adecco employees will also be volunteering at the foundations, helping them in daily operations and learning first-hand how Win4Youth supports their work.

More about Adecco’s global Win4Youth initiative and how you can get involved can be found at: |


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