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Tips for a successful interview at Adecco

There are numerous misconceptions regarding interviewing with a recruiter compared to interviewing at a client site. Although they are typically less formal in nature, interviews with a recruiter should still be taken seriously.

After all, a recruiter is performing this initial interview on behalf of their client. They want to ensure the applicant on the other side of the resume is as professional and qualified in person as they are on paper.

Follow these steps and your recruiter will be eager to recommend you to any of their clients!



Prior to your Interview:

You have been contacted by a recruiter, and invited in for an interview for a position they have in. How do you prepare?

Polish your resume

This is your time to tailor your resume to the specific position you are being considered for. Ensure that your objective aligns with the role, and remember to highlight your skills that are mentioned in the job posting. Bring a couple of extra copies and offer to email a digital copy if you have not done so already.

 Gather all required documents

Depending on the position you are being considered for there may be certain certifications or licenses required. Make sure you gather these documents so you are prepared for you interview with the recruiter. Review the job description provided to you and ask yourself; “What documents do I have to prove I am qualified for this role?” Ask your recruiter if there are any additional documents they’d like you to bring to the interview. If your recruiter has made a positive decision after your initial interview you do not want them to be waiting on documents before submitting you to their client.

Contact your references

Shortly after your interview, the recruiter will be contacting your supplied work references. It is highly recommended that you contact your references and provide them with proper notification that they may be contacted. That former employer may have promised a strong reference in the past, but no one likes a surprise call. This will also ensure your reference is available for the call, or provide them with the option to draft a letter of recommendation. It is also a subtle reminder to your former employer that you are responsible enough to provide them with the proper notice.

Review Adecco’s online postings

You may have been contacted for a particular position but that doesn’t mean another recruiter won’t have positions available that match your qualifications. Don’t start your interview referencing another position, but there is no harm in inquiring about the position at the end of the interview. Make it clear to the recruiter that you are open to other positions if this one doesn’t work out in your favour. Ask if they have any colleagues working on similar positions that you could be connected with.

During your Interview:

Remember: More than 33% of hiring managers know whether or not they would hire someone after the first 90 seconds.


Dress for success

55% of first impressions are determined by the way you dress, act, and walk through the door. This is one thing often neglected by candidates during an initial interview with their recruiter. As informal as your interview at the agency may be, your recruiter is pre-screening your initial impression for their clients. Dress for the position you are looking to attain.

 Come Prepared

7% of first impressions are determined by the words you choose to say. Perhaps this is your first interview with a recruiter, and working with an agency is an unfamiliar concept. That’s okay. Now is your time to ask an expert! Write down a list of questions and let your recruiter clarify any misconceptions you may have. Not only will you get your answers, you will also show further interest in the position at hand.

Show us what you’ve got!

38% of first impressions are determined by the quality of your voice, grammar and confidence. Don’t hold back in your interview with your recruiter. Talk about your accomplishments, goals and education. Make it clear to your recruiter why you are perfect for the role and they will relay that information onto their client. This is also an opportunity to prove your qualifications for additional roles that may come across your recruiter’s desk. And most importantly, remember to be yourself!

 Additional Tips:

  •  Stay attentive throughout the interview.
  • Avoid yawning, chewing gum and crossing your arms.
  •  Maintain strong eye contact
  •  Thank the recruiter for his/her time at the end of the interview

After your Interview:

Your interview went great! Now, what’s next?

Listen to recommendations

Your recruiter is your best advocate. If they have suggestions to improve your resume to make it more desirable for their clients, make the changes. After all, they are the experts. They know exactly what their client is looking for when they skim your resume and what is needed to put your resume on top. Take advantage of their knowledge. They may also have suggestions before your interview: how to prepare, what to bring with you and what kind of questions to ask.

Follow up

Depending on the position and the client, your recruiter should have feedback on your resume within a week of submission. Wait 3 or 4 days and if you have not heard back from your recruiter give them a call, or shoot them an email to follow up for any feedback on your profile. This will give you an idea of how your resume is being considered. If the client has started their own interview process and you have not been selected for initial interviews, chances are they have passed on considering your profile for the position. This will allow you to plan your job hunt going forward.           

Keep in touch

If the client has passed on your profile for the initial position you were contacted for, it’s okay! You have still made a valuable contact with your recruiter. Don’t forget to keep in touch. It is inevitable that they will deal with numerous positions that you are qualified for in the future. Not to mention they are a major networking portal. They know their active clients needs, your skill sets, and whether or not there is a good match. Not to mention they can connect you with other recruiters and their clients.

Remember, a recruiter is a great connection to make. Let your interview at the agency solidify your relationship with your recruiter, and bring you closer to your dream job.

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