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Make the Most out of Your Job Search; Our Recruiters Can Help!

“I am looking for anything”

“What do you have available?”

“I will take anything right now”

Recruiters hear these statements on a daily basis. However there is a major disconnect between what the associate believes this statement shows and how it is perceived by a recruiter. The candidate believes it displays flexibility. They are willing to start at the bottom and work their way up. However, the recruiter perceives this statement in one of two ways:

  1. Lack of Direction

When a candidate is unsure of what they want, it can be difficult for a recruiter to assist them. Nobody is truly looking for a limitless anything. The recruiter may run the risk of insulting the individual with a position far beneath their skills, a pay rate beneath their salary expectation, or placing them in a position where they are unhappy and unable to develop.

  1. Devalues the Candidate

When applicants step into the office asking for “any work”, they present themselves as being inexperienced or desperate to accept anything that comes their way. They have instantaneously devalued themselves. Rather than being confident in the skills, education and experience they have, they are open to throwing that away and reverting back to square one.


There are far better approaches to seeking work through an agency.

How can you improve your chances of finding gainful employment through Adecco?

Be straightforward but realistic with your career expectations.

 Although you need to be direct with your career expectations, you also need to be realistic. A recent graduate will have a hard time jumping into a senior position. A new immigrant may struggle finding work in their field without a Canadian education or experience. A professional with more than ten years experience will be overlooked for an entry-level position.

  • Tailor your resume to reflect your career expectations

 Approximately 60% of employers spend less than 11 seconds screening a resume before short-listing the candidate or moving on.

In order to survive these 11 seconds, your resume must be concise and to the point. Think of the position you are looking for. If you were hiring for that position what skills would you be looking for? Make sure to include these (only if applicable) to the skills portion of your resume. Don’t forget to proofread! 61% of recruiters will pass on a resume due to spelling or grammatical errors. It shows carelessness and lack of attention to detail.

  • Be confident in your resume and the skills it reflects

 Don’t lie on your resume! This practice is counter-productive once your recruiter performs your reference checks. Remember, knowing you are capable of doing the job does not make you qualified for the job.   Choose a resume format that highlights the skills/education/experience you do have.  Begin with your strengths and tailor each resume with the key words indicated in the job posting.

  • Be open to professional recommendations


 Once you have made your objectives clear, and have represented them clearly on your resume, let your recruiters make recommendations on how to get you there. There may be several placement options that can help you reach these goals; including short-term placements to help flesh out your resume, and junior positions with potential for development. Let your recruiter find you work that will add substance to your resume without subtracting from your end goals. If you’re a junior, these contracts can be used as stepping-stones to help you hone your skills and identify your targets.

The ultimate goal of a recruiter is not to find you just A job, but THE job. This should be right in line with your goals. So help them help you! When you apply to any job postings through Adecco, make your career intentions clear. Recruiters may read resumes, but they can’t read your mind.

Throughout the job hunt it is natural to feel insecure in your abilities. You may hand out 20+ resumes without any interview requests. That is never an easy process for even the most experienced of candidates. Looking for work is not a walk in the park. It can be exhausting! Remember to stay confident in yourself through it all. After all, you are your best advocate. Put your best self forward and your recruiter will be sure to share that with their clients.

Next Steps

  1. Frequently check Adecco’s online postings
  2. Complete an Adecco online application to register with a branch in your area
    1. Visit
    2. Click “Submit Resume”
    3. Select your closest Adecco office and complete your registration.
  3. Follow up with your recruiter. They are managing large numbers of candidates. Remind them of your skills and inquire about any specific job posting you may feel you are qualified for. They know what their clients are looking for and whether or not your qualifications and experience would be a match.


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