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Why Working Retail during the Holidays Is worth It

Strapped for cash right before the busy holiday season? Consider a retail opportunity. In preparation for the most wonderful time of the year, retailers bring in new staff to bring faster service to their seasonal shoppers. Are you ready to be a holiday retail hero? Brave the crowds for a fast-paced and exciting new opportunity by following the tips below.

1) You can find a job that’s perfect for you

Do you want a night shift? Day shift? Weekend shift? Take your pick! You can customize your experience depending on what you think fits you best. If you want something close to home, stop by the local mall and start handing out resumes in retail locations that you’re excited to work for. The right fit is waiting for you – it is all about taking advantage of the opportunities you’re given and researching into where you think you’ll be happiest working.

2) It also can open up the doors for something more long-term (if you want it to)

Some retailers offer holiday hiring as the only option, with no foreseeable future to add you to their head count. However, that is not always the case: some retailers are looking for someone long-term. The ball is in your court, so you can choose to either stick with them for the short-term or go in for something with the potential to land yourself a longer retail opportunity. If you end up choosing holiday retail on a whim but end up needing a long-term solution, busy shoppers are waiting to be helped at all times of the year. Look for locations that are not only hiring for the holidays, but looking to take someone on after the hustle and bustle of the season. For example, Adecco has longer-term retail opportunities available for coffee lovers here.


3) It’s your opportunity to make a great impression

Not all shifts are the same, but some come with another reality of retail called being “on-call”. Despite the uncertainty that comes with waiting by the phone in anticipation that you’ll get called in to work, flexibility is essential to setting the tone for a beneficial relationship between yourself and your new manager. If you show that you’re willing to go the extra mile to help through the busy times, you’ll likely land yourself on their “nice” list.

Working during the holidays is an important job – as your role plays a part in a chain of important steps that are taken together to deliver gifts to loved ones all over the world. Find out where you would fit into it all with this video below:

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