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2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Clients

As an employer, when the holiday mood strikes and you’re in the giving spirit, it seems to come down to two gift options for clients: custom gifts or general gifts. The choice is yours – and it all depends on your business, the number of clients you’re sending to, and your budget.

Last year, we looked into some general gifts to give to all clients – something that would appeal to the masses – in order to land you in their good books. However, this year we thought we’d take a different approach to gift giving for those of you that are looking to customize your options. If unique gifts are what you’re after, spread holiday joy for certain clients to enjoy with the following items.

shutterstock_219069181Unique gift cards

Do they have a favourite coffee house or restaurant they frequent often? If so, look into those locations to supply your client with a gift card that’s unique to their tastes. Aside from food-related gifts, retailers and other goods and services companies offer pre-purchased gift cards to shop at their locations so you’ll be sure to find something to send them shopping with.

 shutterstock_138284609Custom prints

What is your client’s favourite city to visit in the world? If they love Milan, purchase a breathtaking image and have it printed on a canvas. Another idea in the event that you’d like to add a work-related twist to things is to have a project you’ve worked on together printed as a commemorative piece to pay tribute to your joint accomplishments.


If you have an avid reader in your group of clients, engage them in conversation to see what books are on their “must read” list and surprise them with a copy delivered to their office. What bookworm wouldn’t enjoy a specially delivered copy of a captivating book?

shutterstock_272512829Personalized subscriptions

With meats of the month clubs, beauty boxes, and dog treat and toy boxes in addition to healthy snack box options on the market, there are plenty of custom options to choose from to set your client up for a month (or longer) subscription to a specialty box delivery service.

shutterstock_66199513Local goods

Do some research into a client’s favourite local bakery or a specialty coffee shop, and then arrange to send over some of their baked goods or high-quality beans. Going local shows your client that you’re willing to go the extra mile to give them something they’re familiar with (and like) even though you’re not there to give them the gift in person.

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