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A Guide to Work-Life Balance during the Holidays

We’re almost there – the season of food, family and good cheer will be upon us before you know it. However, does your holiday reality consist of being stuck at work watching the clock while visions of sugar plums dance in your head? If this is your holiday reality, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve found a way for you to maintain the delicate balance between home and office life during this holiday season.

Leave your job at work – don’t bring it home

If you’re unhappy about having to work the holidays, don’t let that stress filter its way into your home life. Take the time to decompress before you greet your family and loved ones. The holidays is a time of joy and happiness, so make the most of your time together by spending it doing things you love (in good spirits).

Map it all out

Manage your time so you can schedule in family dinners, lunch meetings and holiday work parties. It gets difficult to balance your free time during the holiday season, so mapping out your time will help to keep you in the right place at the right time. Don’t forget to schedule a shopping trip to reduce last-minute scrambling (unless you like the thrill of the late night madness – it’s up to you).


Don’t cancel current plans

Once you’ve put these plans into your calendar, it is time to follow through on them. We get it: you’re tired, burnt out and thinking that if you stay one more hour you won’t get home too late. When you’re bogged down with work and the chance to cancel your pending plans is only a phone call away, resist the urge to back out on your busy plans by managing your time more effectively. If you cut your lunch hour in half so that you can leave early enough to catch your child’s school concert, that’s a sacrifice worth making because you’re building memories and dedicating yourself to those who are counting on you to make it on time.

Spend time outdoors

Weather pending, lace up your boots and step outside to explore the great outdoors. There’s nothing more relaxing than fresh, cool winter air. Build a snowman, skate around the park, or take a stroll around town to take it all in.

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