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Win4Youth: The Memories Haven’t Faded Yet

WE DID IT! There were plenty of tears, tantrums, and injuries but I completed the Win4Youth Skoda Series Palma De Mallorca Olympic Triathlon!

Through all the training and preparation, my goal was to finish. But as I got closer to the day, I had a firm target in mind (I am in sales after all) of completing the triathlon in under 3 hours. AND I DID IT! I finished in 2 hours, 59 minutes (and 50 seconds! No joke!).

Trying to write this is like trying to tie this whole experience up with a pretty bow. And it’s honestly impossible. It was incredible!

When arriving in Mallorca, there was much anticipation, nerves and a feeling of “OK – let’s get this over and done with!” The big day had arrived. We had our transition station set up and we were in the water ready to go. 80 Adecco colleagues from around the world, all together anxiously treading water waiting for the starting pistol to sound with W4Y swim caps everywhere you looked.

It was at this exact moment that I acknowledged how inspiring people are. We had all come on such a journey from the first day at training camp. Each colleague had faced and most importantly overcome their fears, in whatever shape or form, and made it here.

It’s been overwhelming to be part of this. The friendships that have been forged and the pride that we each had as every single person crossed the finish line is an unforgettable thing.

No one was left behind. We came together to give the kids a better life after all – and we were leaving together.

Everyone has their own story of how their event played out. My swim was by far the easiest part (I know – hardest for me to believe as well). The cycling was long – an hour and a half cycling laps of the same 10 km course over and over is monotonous to say the least, and then the run where I had severe leg cramps but pushed on through to the applause and high five’s that line the course all the way to the finish line.

The aches and pains have since faded, but I will never forget the team spirit that I was a part of during this Win4Youth event.

My Adecco Win4Youth family was a blessing. Each person was an incredible example of when you want something enough, you can make it happen. Determination and focus kept us all on track for months of training, but our loyalty and dedication kept us turning up, even when it was tough.

I want to thank each and every one of my fellow ambassadors for being part of my experience. It was a privileged to be there with you all and I am so proud of all that we accomplished.

Thank you to Adecco and all my colleagues not only for the opportunity, but for the amount of support and encouragement you have each offered to me along the way.

And last, but by no means least, thank you to the incredible team that got us all across the finish line. Thank you to our coaches at Energylab, and the team that coordinated the entire event from start to finish; you do an incredible job and really do make it so that every second of the experience can be enjoyed and cherished for all.

We smashed our original target, but we have to continue to drive to 2.75 million kilometers before the end of the year. Please – dig deep and get out there. We all have a part to play to get these kids a better life!

I’ve done my part. But I’m not stopping yet.


Sophie Barnacle




Sophie Barnacle 

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About Win4Youth

As part of the international Adecco Group, Adecco Canada participates every year in Win4Youth, a global sports initiative organized by Adecco to raise money for youth foundations around the world. This initiative sees Adecco colleagues, associates, and clients from around the world working together to raise kilometres in order to meet (or exceed) the annual target set by Adecco S.A. If the target is met, the Adecco Group donates money to a select number of foundations chosen for that year. Since the program began in 2010, it has become an important part of our corporate culture because it fosters two of our core values, responsibility and team spirit, while at the same time promoting an active lifestyle.

‪#‎Win4Youth – what does it mean to our 82 ambassadors? Watch the video here:

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