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Debunking the Myths: The Truth behind Staffing Agencies

Do you have questions or concerns about the staffing industry and recruiters intentions when they approach you with an open position? You’re not alone, and the World Wide Web is full of common misconceptions as the rumour mill keeps on spinning with negative feedback about the services that are being offered. With that being said, let’s address some staffing misconceptions by setting the record straight and debunking common myths that are giving the industry a bad reputation.

  • Staffing agency jobs don’t pay well

Agencies work with clients to bring in a multitude of available positions for you to choose from, so it is up to you to select a position that you’re best qualified for. At the same time, agencies work hard to secure you a fair and competitive rate. If you believe that you aren’t being fairly compensated, find an agency that you feel comfortable working with that is paying you a wage that you’re satisfied with.

  • You can’t get long-term work from an agency

Available positions range from temporary and permanent to full-time and part-time. Plus, have you heard of the temp-to-perm transition? If you’re willing to put in the time with a company that’s ready to hire you, you can transition from a temporary employee to a permanent employee to secure yourself a spot with an employer. The temporary to permanent job route isn’t always necessary if you’re looking for a permanent role, as permanent placement opportunities are available from agencies that offer it (like Adecco).

  • They take money from you

When employers are searching for a candidate to fill their roles, they pay the agencies to find you. Therefore, staffing agencies make their money from charging the client, not you. And, agencies charge the client on top of what you’re making, so all of your salary goes towards you. You’re not being paid less because of the agency’s involvement; all of your money stays with you.

  • There are only entry-level positions available, not anything specialized or senior

Again, the roles depend on what the agencies have to offer, but there are not only entry-level roles available. For example, Adecco’s Professional team searches for high-level executives and roles within the sales, marketing, HR and finance verticals to provide you with many senior, specialized roles. Sample titles range from Directors to Specialists, and everything in between.

Feeling more comfortable with the notion of working with an agency? Myths can come and go, and it is up to you to look into agencies a bit further to see which ones are the right fit for you.

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