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How to Build Your Resume While in University or College

Are you a University or College student wrapping up your first week of school? If so, your future career in the working world is waiting for you at the finish line once you graduate, so now is the time to start planning out your post-secondary years so that your time spent at school can be used towards building your resume. But where do you start? We’ve outlined a few suggestions of how to get your foot in the door while you’re busy setting the foundation for your future.

  • Get to know your peers and senior leaders

Once you start branching out and exploring new social avenues, more doors will open for you. However, hitting up the hottest parties on campus may not be the best forum for future career development. Stick to building bonds with your peers after classes, and seek assistance from senior students or staff that you think can guide you in the right direction. Being in school gives you the opportunity to meet so many people from different cities and backgrounds, so hit the student centre and start showing them what you’re made of.


  • Join relevant associations

Is there a campus club or association that you think ties well into your major? Join it! These gatherings of like-minded individuals will introduce you to other people who are thinking of pursuing similar career paths, and they often bring in external resources from community leaders that will push your exposure even further. Plus, a lot of campus associations have leadership roles available that will get you experience in a number of career-related areas such as events, coaching, leadership and more.

  • Volunteer

Giving back helps build out your resume, adding volunteer hours to your credentials which work to round out your experience. A lot of employers like to see that applicants are not only preoccupied with work, but that they like to contribute their expertise and time elsewhere, as a lot of companies have their own charities that they work with as part of a company-wide initiative.

  • Seek out a mentor

Not sure where you’ll land when the time comes to fly and spread your career wings? You’re not alone; many have been in your shoes before. Frankly, a lot of people have needed guidance when it comes to figuring out their next moves so that they are ready to work once they receive their diploma or certificate. So, if you meet up with an older student or teacher on campus to pick their brains or find someone you know in the community that is already working in the field, they’ll be able to give you advice on what to do to land a job.


  • Apply for internships or enroll in co-op opportunities

Schools come equipped with many practical opportunities aimed at giving students the chance to walk a mile in someone’s shoes to see if the career path they have chosen is the best fit, while also giving students practical experience in the industry. If your school has these opportunities available, take advantage of this chance while you can. Whatever gives you a competitive advantage over other students will set you apart from the rest, and the more job-related experience you have when you graduate the better.

  • Join sports teams or personal interest clubs

Teamwork is a vital part of any workplace, and it is up to you to build those skills so that you can demonstrate how you interact with others. Working together in a team, whether it is through sports or a personal hobby/interest, shows that you’re a “team player”, ultimately demonstrating your ability to work with others — so lace up!

When it comes down to it, make the most of your time because time sure does fly, and before you know it you’ll be trading in your sweats and school gear for blazers and client meetings. Focus on making memories and connections with those who can steer you in the right direction, and never be afraid to take chances because you never know where it may lead.

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