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Inside AirVM: The World’s Leading Cloud Management Platform Company

If you’re looking to take the IT and tech industry by storm, look no further. AirVM has elevated cloud computing to a whole new level, and they’re looking for people just like you.

Roevin had the opportunity to talk to Jamie Pitt, AirVM’s Director of Research and Development to uncover some of the qualities that keep this cutting-edge company razor-sharp.

What initially drew you to AirVM and what do you think has kept you there over the years?

I was drawn to AirVM because they needed someone to build out their development team and processes that are around that. Given my 10 years of experience at IBM as a developer, project manager and IT Architect, I knew that I could build out a world-class development team and help AirVM become the world player in cloud computing that they are today.

The reason that everyone at AirVM stays here over the years (myself included) is due to this company’s ability to ensure that everyone has a voice, is treated with respect, and that they have fun and continuously learn on a daily basis. It sounds simple, but it’s something we continuously strive to keep a part of our culture and something that many companies don’t truly understand.

What qualities does AirVM look for when evaluating a potential candidate?

We look for the same qualities that AirVM was built on, which include: the ability to push the envelope and go that extra mile; someone who thinks about the customers experience and ease of use of products; and a passion and love for what you do will take you a long way in anything you do. Passion is also one of the cornerstones of everyone who works here at AirVM.

What’s the team atmosphere like at AirVM? Do you participate in any team building/bonding activities? If so, please list some examples.

At AirVM, we strive to create an open, laid back, casual environment that employees want to be a part of and come to work at each day. This is one of the main building blocks of the company that can be found in everything we do. We thrive on encouraging the sharing of ideas in a positive, energetic and fun-loving environment; hard work and ethics that have allowed us to deliver an award-winning software on the worldwide stage in the very competitive market of cloud computing; and open communication that allows for fantastic collaboration and growth of our team.

What added perks can someone expect from a job at AirVM (i.e. staff lunches, benefits, vacation time, beer Fridays, etc.)?

A candidate can expect an open, tight-knit team that thrives on open communication, expressing ideas and hard work. We also understand the importance of recognition and that’s why we’ve implemented our monthly peer recognition awards that result in free gift cards and prizes. But all work and no play makes for a bad day, so we understand the importance of downtime which is accomplished in multiple ways including table tennis tournaments, pizza Mondays, free soda, coffee and the occasional keg that may make an appearance in the office.

We work hard to also give competitive salaries, benefits and vacation packages. All that being said they will also be working on one of the most talented teams I have ever had the pleasure of building and being a part of.

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