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Update: Where in the world is Terry Zhang?

If you’re familiar with the 2015 CEO for One Month competition, you’ll surely recognize Terry Zhang, our Canadian competitor who faced other fearless young professionals while competing in Jacksonville Florida for the chance to shadow Adecco North America CEO Bob Crouch for one month. Despite his valiant efforts (and a lot of sweat and sunshine), Terry was not selected as the next CEO for One Month. However, his journey with Adecco is far from over.

Terry Headshot

Wondering where Terry Zhang is these days? Terry was recently welcomed by Adecco’s Richmond, BC branch to join the team as their newest Staffing Intern for the month of August. We’ve had the continued pleasure of interviewing Terry about his experience with Adecco, following him on this new journey with Adecco while also reflecting upon his past experience competing in the CEO for One Month challenge.

Q: What are some of the highlights from your experience participating in Adecco’s CEO for One Month contest?

Gosh, where do I start? The entire boot camp was full of surprises for all seven of us since the only thing on the itinerary was what time you needed to wake up at and what you needed to wear. On our first day, we were touring the Adecco head offices and understood more about the business of Adecco from visiting Adecco branches to see how the staffing process works. In the meantime, we were constantly mingling with executives of the company and Adecco’s other brands and we ended the day by going to Painting with a Twist to paint pictures of ourselves which was a different experience!

On day two, we participated in a team relay at the beautiful, sizzling Atlantic beach where we also got to meet Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller. After we cooled off, we conducted a case study on the staffing industry and were told that we would present at the EverBank Field Stadium. Just a reminder: none of us knew who we would present to, so you can imagine our nervousness when we arrived at a room of executives Adecco and the executives of Jacksonville’s NFL team! We got more comfortable as our presentations went on (it was definitely a nerve-wracking experience), so we relaxed by having dinner with everyone in the Jaguar’s locker room. Contrary to what one would imagine, the locker room was just immaculate and the facility was full of high-end technology with coloured panel lights for each player’s locker. The food was just absolutely gorgeous, and touring the NFL facility was a once in a lifetime occasion!

Terry Conference

Day three and four were filled with intriguing educational sessions which all started with morning yoga at 6:45 am. The sessions touched on company culture, managing judgment, leadership styles, and a LinkedIn presentation conducted by their consultant from New York! We did a trade-up activity where the seven of us were each given an Adecco mug, and we were told to explore the Adecco headquarters to see who could keep trading up to the best item(s) with other Adecco colleagues. Right off the bat I got a pretty nifty mini air hockey table which I then traded for a 24-pack of bottled water. I used that as a currency and got a whole variety of items like an alarm clock, a snow globe, computer mouse, nacho chips, masquerade mask, Justin Bieber stickers, bunny plush toy and more! It was a really memorable activity because I was really able to reach out and understand the different sectors of Adecco and what makes up the company as a whole.

Overall the boot camp was an insightful and meaningful experience, and it’ll no doubt continue to be one of the best weeks of my life. I managed to keep in touch with a few Adecco colleagues in Jacksonville and I really do hope to see them again in the near future!

Q: Describe your more recent role with Adecco as a Staffing Intern (i.e. What were your job responsibilities? What was a typical day in the office like for you?).

My role is to help the branch with hiring and recruitment. I’m maintaining attractive job postings on Craigslist/Monster and collecting applicant’s information while pre-screening candidates’ qualifications/experience before booking them for interviews, ensuring accuracy throughout the process. I’m also performing reference checks for potential employees of Adecco and its clients while occasionally creating prospects for Adecco’s services from the calls.

Q: What have you learned/ hope to learn in this new role with Adecco as a Staffing Intern?

I’m halfway through the internship and I’ve learned so much about professionalism and organization. It’s extremely easy to get lost in hundreds of emails, resumes, and schedules and I’ve learned how to be more accurate and organized with tasks. I’ve also gotten a better sense of how the recruitment process works and I’m learning a lot about how to communicate and how to conduct general telephone/email etiquette. My increased confidence in understanding the best career fit for applicants has allowed me to develop better judgment and people skills. I’m currently in the process of sitting in on candidate interviews with recruiters and then I’ll eventually conduct them myself!

Q: Why did you decide to pursue another opportunity with Adecco after you competed for the spot of CEO for One Month?

After the boot camp in Jacksonville, I’ve seen first-hand how Adecco embodies its motto: “Better work, better life”. Every Adecco colleague had the belief of putting people first and helping them find a career that they find satisfaction in, and it was a vision that I could align myself with. Now you wouldn’t think an engineering student would be interested in the staffing/recruitment industry, but Adecco is a company that became sentimental to me and I would love to grow in the company as a recruiter in the technical industry. Overall, it’s been a slice and a half with Adecco, and I can’t thank every individual enough from Adecco Group North America and Adecco Canada for the personal growth I’ve experienced and for shifting the paradigm of my future career goals.

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