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Symptoms of a Staffing Shortage

How does one know when they’re suffering from a staffing shortage? When a workforce is short staffed and wearing thin, an employer’s team may be in jeopardy of remaining together as a result of the building pressure. How can one know for sure? Below are a few symptoms employers may be experiencing if a staffing shortage has made its way into an organization.

Unhappy employees

Staffing shortages place a lot of extra pressure on remaining staff to carry a past workload that may have been spread further when more resources were intact. If employees are suffering as a result of this pressure and stress levels are running high, an employer should remain receptive to their needs and evaluate the repercussions of their stretching workforce.

Deadlines are being missed


A missed deadline is a missed opportunity to provide clients and internal stakeholders with content they’re relying on. If reliance is low and key dates are slipping through the cracks because an employer’s team is too tied up to complete necessary tasks, they’ll be faced with reputation-damaging repercussions. If those invested in the company aren’t seeing results, employers need to make the necessary adjustments to regain their respect and adding employees to fill those gaps is a reliable option.

High turnover

When employees are over worked and over tired, they tend to be less satisfied in their roles. Unhappy employees move onto greener pastures, so if an employer is experiencing an unusually high amount of turnover as a result of a staffing shortage, considerations to add to their headcount must be entertained.

Logging in long hours and overtime

When coverage falls onto those who remain, additional tasks add to their current workload causing overtime hours and longer coverage to satisfy the original goals and objectives of the team’s project plans. As a result, overtime hours are filed and an employer is left with the added expense of compensating those employees.

Overall, short-staffed employers are left to face the facts: help is needed. When in doubt, seeking assistance is the right solution to a dreaded staffing shortage. If niche areas need to be filled in order to revive the former equilibrium that used to exist within a team, solutions are available at all staffing companies for permanent and temporary placements.

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