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Take a Break: 5 Summertime Team Building Activities

Team building can extend beyond the office, as there are many activities employers can organize for their employees to encourage a stronger relationship between staff. Below we’ve listed some options to choose from that are equal parts fun and work-friendly.

1. Flash mob:shutterstock_174469022 If an employer’s office is more inclined to engage in theatrics, a flash mob is a fun and engaging way to get the team together. Each member must have their part in the entire choreographed musical number, so there is ample time for teams to spend bonding with each other. In addition to the added benefit of team bonding, organized dance routines take coordination and practice, which further strengthens a team’s ability to plan and implement initiatives.

2. Scavenger hunt: Select companies dedicate their time and resources to planning scavenger hunts for companies for the purpose of team building, so employers should have no trouble sourcing a company to provide them with these services. Scavenger hunts remain a positive way to encourage employees to come together to solve the pieces of a puzzle, negotiating plans to get them to the finish line. Just as obstacles are faced in the workplace, the teams will then be able to handle any roadblocks that come their way after they have worked out some kinks hunting for their clues.

3. Attending a sporting event: When summer strikes a city or large town, sporting events are held outside, which is the perfect time for employers to plan an outing with their teams. Weather pending, sports outings can be a great way for teams to practice their small talk with peers, in addition to building bonds over cheering for the home team.shutterstock_166644362

4. Bowling: If watching sports is not appealing to teams, employers can encourage an outing hitting the lanes to see who can score a strike. Bowling, like other sports, encourages healthy competition while working in some light exercise to break up the day.

5. Escape rooms: Does your team have what it takes to escape? Escape rooms are a thrilling new fad to hit urban cities across North America. Teams are locked in a room together, and must work together as a team to solve the clues in order to break out of the room. This high-pressure, high-stakes game allows team members to see how quickly they can escape. Employers can add an extra bonus to the activity by awarding a prize to the first team to break out of the room. This added incentive may give teams the extra push to get through adverse conditions to resolve the immediate conflict, similar to the need to work together in the workplace to get through any challenges.

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