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Win4Youth 2015: Eindhoven – Training Camp

Sophie Barnacle shares with us her experience at the Win4Youth 2015 ambassadors kick off camp in Eindhoven.

Blog Post #2: Eindhoven – Training Camp

And so I landed! It’s 6:30 am Thursday April 23rd. I am at Amsterdam International Airport, with an extremely LARGE coffee in my hand, ready to get started!

When we arrive, we head to Energy Lab Medical Research Centre. Every person is buzzing with questions. Where are you from? Have you done a triathlon before? Are you scared? Do you know we are all crazy?

What is clear, regardless of  the country, Adecco brand, job title, or physical fitness level is that every single one of us is SO excited, enthusiastic, and thankful to be part of this experience. And little did we know, that the true scope of the W4Y journey and our triathlon challenge was about to sink in!

W4Y Athletic Ambassadors

Over the next 3 days, our schedules are jam packed from 7:00 am-7:00 pm with all we needed to know to set us up for success. This included information seminars on nutrition, training, injuries, physical fitness along with practical seminars on changing tires, transition zones, and triathlon equipment. We also went to training and coaching sessions on swimming, cycling and running and I can’t leave out the part about the extensive medical tests!!

A little snapshot:

The swim training was mind blowing – front crawl time trials, followed by a staged triathlon race start.

Imagine for a second: 80 W4Y ambassadors, in one lane of an Olympic pool, treading water (for what seemed like a lifetime) until the bang went off! Then swim, swim, swim!!!!! Into the washing machine, kicked in the face several times, barely remembering to move my arms or legs!!! I thought swimming was a graceful sport?

Then for the run, we were taken to Belgium for the Antwerp 10 mile race. I have run before. I have run many times, but nothing has been as fun and exhilarating for me as this race.

Was it because I understood what my optimum heart rate should be? Or is it because I feel more physically fit than ever before? Although both are true, that wasn’t it.

It was the feeling of running with 4,500 people in Antwerp, and seeing red W4Y t-shirts everywhere along the course. The camaraderie, the team spirit and the support when we cheered each other over the final finish line was inspiring! I have never felt prouder than I am now being part of this Adecco W4Y team and newly adopted family.

The magnitude of the Palma De Mallorca Skoda Series Triathlon is feeling very real now. I have returned home to my full-time and busy job, sticking to a strict training schedule as well.

I have 4 months to swim, bike and run my little heart out to make it across the finish line in September so we can give these kids a better life!

No pressure but the clock is ticking…..and I definitely need a swim coach!

Click here to watch the first video of the arrival day at the kick-off camp!


Sophie Barnacle




Sophie Barnacle 

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About Win4Youth

As part of the international Adecco Group, Adecco Canada participates every year in Win4Youth, a global sports initiative organized by Adecco to raise money for youth foundations around the world. This initiative sees Adecco colleagues, associates, and clients from around the world working together to raise kilometres in order to meet (or exceed) the annual target set by Adecco S.A. If the target is met, the Adecco Group donates money to a select number of foundations chosen for that year. Since the program began in 2010, it has become an important part of our corporate culture because it fosters two of our core values, responsibility and team spirit, while at the same time promoting an active lifestyle.

‪#‎Win4Youth – what does it mean to our 82 ambassadors? Watch the video here:

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