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How to Enjoy Long Weekends, Even Though You’re Working

Mark your calendars – Monday, May 18th is Victoria Day aka May long weekend. If you work weekends in any number of roles ranging from industrial to hospitality services, you will be spending your long weekend working because, well, you work weekends and this isn’t really a break for you. However, don’t let this news get you down; there are still ways to salvage some of the weekend. On the Monday of a long weekend, companies typically take a break and operate on holiday hours, if they’re even open at all. So if you’re stuck working on Monday while your friends and family are on a dock somewhere tipping their toes into the water, don’t fret. Listed below are some suggestions on how to spend your free time on a long weekend.

Enjoying nature

If you’re working in an office enclosed in a 5 x 5 cubicle all day, breaks are one of the few chances that you can actually get up and stretch your legs. Weather permitting, sit outside for a quick coffee break or park yourself at a bench to eat your lunch. Fresh air is good for you, combined with the added benefit of a little Vitamin D from the rays of sunshine beaming down. If you’re someone who works outside all day, you should in the very least consider taking a walk to a nearby garden to stop and smell the roses (literally, or figuratively).

Making plans

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Don’t put any plans on hold if you can avoid it. You shouldn’t be working 24/7, and if you have a night off or a morning to spare you should be making plans with others. Community events happen all across towns and cities during long weekends, so check out your local newspaper or social media pages to get the scoop on activities that you can take part in. Just because others may not have to work and are having fun throughout the entire weekend, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on making the most out of the time you have.

Relax your body & mind

Is the stress of working weekends getting you down? Meditation is a proven technique that works to lower stress levels and center your mind. If meditation isn’t your thing, take a break from your phone and all other devices that only distract you and can lead to more anxiety. Unplug for a few hours and read a book or have a conversation with a friend.  You deserve the chance to take the time to de-stress and focus on improving yourself if only for a few moments.

Take naps

If you’re stuck working the late shift and forced to sleep through the majority of your day, work on regulating your sleep schedule by waking up earlier and sneaking in a nap before work. It might be difficult, but little cat naps help to give you a boost from being out and about during your time off before shifts. While you’re up running errands or seeing friends or family, you won’t regret having lost a few hours of sleep because you’ll make up for it with a small snooze later.

The takeaway here is that weekend workers shouldn’t have to feel like they’re missing out on anything. The time you have is yours to spend as you please, so be sure to remember the options available to you and the ways you can spend your time wisely – no matter the day or weekend. You don’t have to say goodbye to fireworks and roasted marshmallows – find the time to fit them into your day!

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