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Webinar: Making Teamwork Your Competitive Advantage

In this live one-hour webinar on May 20th, Jennifer Jacob Rossi, National Manager, Field Operations at Adecco Canada, will discuss and review proven resources that will help you build a strong team – leading your department and organization straight to the top!

If you haven’t mastered it already, start maximizing your team’s dynamic to the fullest because effective teamwork is the key to giving your workplace a competitive advantage. As far as teamwork goes, an efficient team can be trained in order to help each other maximize their job performances, which in turn makes an inviting and productive atmosphere for all current and new members of your team. Explore and discover three practical team building models as we take you through The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team, Tuckman’s Model and Katzenbach & Smith. Once we’ve explored the guiding principles of teamwork, we will be taking things a step further by providing you with the necessary steps to replicate these strategies in your workplace.

Are you ready to join us? Click here to register.

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