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Energy Efficient Technology That’ll Change the Way You Work

You don’t have to be a hippy to embrace a little green living in your life. How do you begin? For starters, toss the folder files stacked in drawers and cut back on the many rounds of misprinted sheets that go straight into the recycling bin. Online storage systems come equipped with an array of fancy functions, but have you considered the switch from paper to plastic? Here are some helpful hints to help you get started.

Storage options


Store files on computers or tablets instead of in folders/cabinets. Review documents and share them online rather than printing. Have you heard of Google Docs? You can host documents online using this Google program which also has a function that allows those with permission to edit the files while they’re stored on the cloud. Plus, you don’t need to be connected to your work drives to access the files – so say goodbye to bringing home your work laptop for after hours work sessions.

Embrace electronic newsletters

Opt for emails over printed letters, and while you’re at it you can save time and money by sending “thank you for attending” emails to stakeholders or clients. Do you print a company newsletter every month? Switch to electronic newsletters to reach a wider audience. Plus, e-newsletters allow you to change up graphics with little hassle and if you happen to notice a last minute mistake, you still have time to fix it because the edition never goes to print.

Scan more


Many important documents don’t need to be kept in accordion folders on your desk to never be looked at again. With cloud storage systems available, opt for a scanning system where you transfer over some important documents that you’re willing to part with into shared online systems and then recycle the paper copy – you can always print them later if you need a hard copy.

Avoid vampire power

Vampire Power is real – no, we’re not kidding. When your copiers and printers are turned off, they still are using power, sucking the life out of your outlets and gadgets. How is this happening? Printers and other office appliances spend their time in standby mode waiting for someone to press print, which still uses power while the machines are temporarily out of use. In order to reduce the amount of juice the vampire machines can consume, make sure all machines are on sleep mode at the end of the day. Make sure to shut down your computer before you head out the door!

The power is in the strips

Use power strips for all office electronics such as: printers, computers and scanners. Why settle for a simple power strip when smart strips are available and much cooler than their boring ancestors. Smart strips can control the amount of electricity your computers and other systems are using, so look into your options to start controlling your current.

Now that you have the tools, how do you put these ideas into action? Find examples below of how to get your digital groove.

  1. Get a committee together – they’re your green team in charge of implementation! Are you already on a social committee? Great – use your connections to round up a team of co-workers to reinforce digital downloads.
  2. Get all staff on board and spread the message far and wide along with guidelines of the new initiatives that you aim to reinforce.
  3. Send an email to all staff to teach them about the new digital shift, which will hopefully encourage them to let go of their paper copies.
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