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Careers Headed for Extinction – Is Yours at Risk?

As the economy shifts and our needs change, careers that were once in high demand will cease to exist if society continues to evolve in a digital and self-sufficient way. What jobs are at risk of extinction? According to CareerCast’s Most Endangered Jobs of 2014 report, some of the jobs forecasted to disappear by 2022 include: farmer, lumberjack, flight attendant and utilities meter reader. Let’s look into some of the other careers that are headed in the same direction based on the growing and ever-changing economy.

Retail cashier: With online buying on the rise and self-checkout stations in popular grocery stores and department stores, the need for retail cashiers is dwindling. Do you enjoy scanning items waiting for the beep to proceed to drop it in your bag? You are not alone. The mere fact that more self-checkout stations are popping up in stores is an indication of what is to come.

Newspaper delivery: Newspaper delivery services are going the way of the milkman, as less and less people are subscribing to paper deliveries. It’s a digital age and soon enough, no one will be reading news off paper as digital screens will be dominating the scene. Do you enjoy the crisp feeling of a page between your hands? Have no fear, print isn’t dead yet, but don’t expect vast quantities of it to be available in the future.

Travel agent: With resources like Expedia, Red Tag Deals, Kayak and various other vacation and hotel deal websites, we’re becoming more self-sufficient and relying less on external resources to plan our vacations.

Social media manager: When social media was first introduced, those who jumped on the bandwagon quickly were able to show their expertise to those who were still unfamiliar with these mediums. However, with the prominence of social media strategies being integrated into companies marketing plans and an increase in usership, everyone and anyone is mastering the art of social media. Those who had a head start are slowing down as others catch up to them, so in a matter of years these specialized roles will be gone.

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