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Webinar: How to Make a Great Second Impression

First impressions are always top of mind for professionals looking to focus on perfecting their networking skills. As such, almost everyone in business has already perfected elements of first impressions that come in the form of appearances, smiles, and handshakes. However, meeting someone for the first time is only the first step to building a meaningful relationship. What matters most and what defines you as a standout candidate is the second impression. This takes place after the handshake and polite introductions, where recruiters and other professionals really begin to assess your qualities.

What are people looking for and taking note of during your interactions? Clothing, eye contact, handshake and the rest of the usual suspects all come into play. But what about the other aspects that really can make or break your impression? Well, you’ll have to sign up for live 45-minute webinar hosted by Ken Graham, Director of Training at Adecco Canada, to get the full scoop. Don’t delay, save the date for March 18th and learn how to leave a lasting impression. Click here to register.

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