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Keys to Building a Passionate Workforce

Disinterested and disengaged workers are detrimental to your company. Why? Mentally checking out of a job or company leads employees to act without one important element: passion. Passion is what drives employees to push their limits to go above and beyond for you and your initiatives. How is this accomplished?

Empowerment & Feedback


Giving someone the tools to success is important when trying to foster a healthy workforce. Whether it’s through paying for classes to brush up on skill sets or opening up channels for employees to air their grievances, the team needs to feel like they have the necessary tools to succeed.

Thanking a staff member when they do something positive for you is a small act that has a larger impact. Instant gratification in the form of positive feedback, giving thanks, and offering a pat on the back will help keep your workforce invested in your company. At the same time, constructive criticism is a way to help the passionate and driven ones move forward as they strive to improve.


Let’s talk numbers. If you use tools to measure and track employee performance, you’re investing time in making sure their work won’t go unnoticed. Taking the necessary steps to pay attention to their work and measuring it appropriately will keep them motivated to meet the goals that lie ahead. Plus, showing that you want to see them succeed by mapping out goals for the company will give them a sense of ownership over their work and a place among the others.


Group Activity

Offering up monetary incentives for sales competitions, rewarding a job well done with a team dinner, or sending a small gift card to someone to say thanks for helping out are all ways that you can reward your staff. Adopting a work hard, play hard mentality also helps to build corporate culture and reinforce the fact that doing something beneficial for the company has its rewards. Team trips and sport sessions are great opportunities to remind everyone that at the end of the day we’re all people working together to accomplish a common goal. If off-site team bonding isn’t your thing, rewards can come in the form of flexible work schedules for good work ethic and performance. This will appeal to those looking to work on developing their work-life balance.


Your team is the face of your company, acting as the intermediary between you and your clients. They’re the ones pushing your values and guiding principles. Be honest and communicate your intentions and goals openly so they are made aware of what you’re trying to achieve. If the channels are open and you encourage their involvement and feedback, employees will begin to be more comfortable bringing new ideas to the table.

Passionate people go the extra mile because they’re invested morally and emotionally to the cause. If employees are motivated, your customers/clients will stick around more, your turnover will be less, and your profits will increase. Sounds like a winning solution, doesn’t it? The opportunity to motivate your workforce starts with you.

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