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Love What You Do for Your Health’s Sake

Are you tossing and turning at night at the thought of having to work another day? These feelings of unease and anxiety are a direct result of your dissatisfaction with your current career. Whether it’s because of a bad boss, growing work demands, job security, or inadequate compensation, the health of your body and brain are suffering as a result of your unhappiness.

Studies show that work-related stress can lead to a number of ailments such as: increased risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, overeating, and overindulging in alcohol and cigarettes. Are you suffering from any of these symptoms? If so, please seek immediate assistance by means of career detoxification. What is career detoxification you ask? It’s a process of ridding yourself of unnecessary stress so that you can start to love more about what you do for a living.


If you’re fed up with your office’s current location and the commute is a killer, look to see if relocating to another office location within your current company is an option. Not all companies have multiple offices, but if yours does and you’re unhappy, you should start sourcing a new office. Depending on the company culture, you may even be allowed to relocate to a home office for a few days a week to cut back on travel time while taking care of business from the comfort of your couch. The fatigue and stress caused by a hectic commute can wear you down, leaving both your patience and pocket thin due to the expenses of commuting.

Adopt Healthier Practices

Stress eating is common when you’re under pressure. The sweet serotonin and temporary euphoria that is released when you snack on sugary, salty, and fatty foods is unmatched by any other. However, this transient state is only a temporary fix for the current state of your stressed mind, so put down the Twinkie and pick up a carrot stick; your body will thank you. Keeping your desk and fridge stocked with healthy alternatives helps to fight the good fight against preservative-ridden food. If you’re looking for an outlet for your stress, hit the gym and work off some of that frustration on the machines instead of on your intestines.

Take Breaks

Reboot and recharge yourself by getting up from your desk every now and then for a much needed break. Stretch your legs, go for a walk, or simply walk to someone’s cubicle instead of emailing them. Are you a member of the “eating your lunch at your desk” club? If you’re scarfing down your meal in less than 10 minutes by the glow of your monitor instead of being illuminated by a ray of sunshine, something needs to be done. Socialize with others, eat in the lunch room, or go outside of your building and run some errands if you have the time. If you aren’t allocated a long lunch break, try at the very least to get up and go make a coffee or tea to take a 3 minute break from your work. We’re given lunch breaks for a reason, so for your own sake take advantage of the time you’re given.

Get a New Job

Yes, there are those of you out there who frown upon the abandon ship approach, but you might want to reconsider your opinion based on this overwhelming factor: a toxic environment. What makes an environment toxic? If you’re noticing that people in your office are having heart attacks, taking a lot of sick days, battling with awful bosses, and are absent due to work-related illnesses, it’s time to get out. These are indicators that something terrible is making its way around the office and engulfing everything in its path. The environment you’re working in may be toxic for a number of reasons and the staff is wearing thin, so the only logical thing to do in order to save your sanity is to step away. Make sure to do this through the proper channels and secure a place for yourself elsewhere before you leave, but don’t leave this option out as sometimes it’s necessary given the circumstances.

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