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Finding the Right Fit – The Search for Forklift Workers

The stakes are high in this cat and mouse game of recruiters searching to source qualified forklift workers. As it turns out, it’s a competitive market to hire in due to fluctuating pay rates and a disconnect between the workers and the companies willing to hire them. If you’re struggling to sustain a steady supply of forklift workers, you’re not alone.

What seems to be the issue?

The salary expectations for qualified forklift workers don’t match what companies are willing to pay for the roles, leaving spots open to be filled but no desire to occupy them. In the end, the highest bidder wins when it comes to landing the right candidates. Plus, with market demands for reverse drivers and clamp drivers in Toronto alone, recruiters are scrambling to attract with their best offer but it’s just not cutting it.

How can we combat the issue?

Offering incentives are a great start, especially if your company can’t satisfy the candidates financially. Another approach is to go the extra mile, and target with a mix of old meets new using local recruiting, online tools, flyers, posters and making connections with schools to get students fresh from graduation to fill the more junior roles that satisfy the salary requirements.

Another approach to use, in addition to a targeted approach using different methods, would be to enlarge your strategy in general and start staffing in large quantities to ensure that you can cover a lack of retention when they do flee for a higher wage. If you try to cover your bases, you’ll end up with a sufficient buffer to help you out when times are tough.

Not having success casting the net? Try to maximize current employees with companies you’re already working with that have some experience, and encourage them to get their license so that they can be integrated into roles that are available but unoccupied.  Making use of existing candidates that have potential allows you to shift these eligible candidates out of their roles and into new ones, freeing up their old positions which are easier to fill.

Future of forklift

Unless employers match the needs of their workers, this back-and-forth battle between the companies and candidates will only get worse with time. Who knows what the future of forklift will look like, but for now it’s about finding candidates and retaining them with a satisfactory wage that makes both parties happy. Good luck finding your candidates – we’ll see you out there!

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