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Famous Pop Culture Characters and Their Careers

The silver screen is full of star-studded performances of celebrities portraying characters in an array of jobs such as astronauts, bankers, artists, nurses, servers, and architects. We’re inundated with visions of these professions and although some may argue their portrayals are not realistic, the magic of movies is that they do however open our eyes up to other career avenues so that we may virtually walk a mile in their shoes. Take a walk down memory lane and reminisce with us while we show a sample of movie and TV characters and the professions they’ve famously held.


shutterstock_176087474In TV and film the architect is a highly-regarded, prestigious career choice held in such a high regard that George Costanza of Seinfeld aspired to be one so much he created an architect alias named Art Vandelay. Along with George, Matt Dillon’s character Healy in There’s Something About Mary even lied to woo Cameron Diaz’s character Mary by saying he was an architect. Other examples of pop culture architects include: Peter Mitchell from 3 Men and a Baby, Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother, Adam Schaffer in It’s Complicated and Sam Baldwin in Sleepless in Seattle.


shutterstock_190999043From the rebellious Hackers and risky teens of War Games to Weird Science, we’ve seen a wide range of people involved in the technology and IT industry in these 80s cult classics. More recently, Google and Facebook have made their big screen debuts with movies like The Social Network and The Internship that focus on the culture and lifestyle of these tech tycoons. In addition to these movies, TV icons like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and the gang from British hit The IT Crowd are among the ranks of pop culture comedies that are spreading the word that geek is chic.

Bankers & Lawyers

shutterstock_1184819689-5, suit-clad careers have been brought to the big screen with characters such as Gordon Gecko of Wall Street, Billy Ray Valentine of Trading Places and more recently the Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfont. These financial figures are joined in skyscrapers by courtroom suit and tie characters as law dramas are growing in popularity with shows like Suits, White Collar and The Good Wife. These high-powered attorneys and financial gurus are captivating audiences with their cunning wit and killer instinct.


shutterstock_176500787Movies like The Chef, No Reservations, Ratatouille, Chocolat and Julie & Julia have the culinary arts slicing, dicing, and pureeing their way into our consciousness. These hardworking masters of their craft are keeping audiences engaged with their cutting-edge portrayals of life behind the knife.

Did we miss any of your favourite TV or film characters and the careers they held? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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