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Targeting Out of Province Talent

When you’re in need of staff and the demand for hiring is high, where do you turn? Out of province talent is always within reach, but have you ever considered launching a campaign designed to specifically target this pool of people? Attracting outside of provincial borders relies on a plan for passive and active job seekers that consists of: walking in their shoes, building a relationship, and offering an incentive.

Walking in their shoes

Who are they? Where do they live? How do they get to work? Where do they like to eat? You need to walk a mile in their shoes in order to truly understand how to reach them. Get to know their interests and their likes and their dislikes so that you can spend the time and money finding them the right way. Look into popular local media outlets, out-of-home advertising at bus stations, popular grocery stores, radio stations, professional associations and community centers.

Targeting students? Focus your resources on local college or university job fairs so you can pitch your company to them face-to-face. Sponsorship of sports games, conferences, and networking events is another way to stay on their radar in a more subtle, subliminal way.

Building a relationship

The best way to build a rapport with someone is to own your area of expertise and leverage it to attract specialized skill sets. Referrals, direct recruitment methods, and personal networks within a certain field provides a steady supply of individuals who are interested in new opportunities and need assistance in their search.

Social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook allow recruiters to build and maintain ongoing contact with the passive job seekers. Through the sharing of articles pertaining to employment and current posting, recruiters can constantly connect with 1000’s of individuals every day that may not be actively looking for new employment. When positive contact is made with a potential candidate, the next logical step is to get them to submit their resume on your website. Once the potential candidate has been redirected, they can find postings for current job openings and register into your system, receiving updates on new positions as they become available.

What are you bringing to the table?

Benefits packages are, according to a survey of what people are looking for in a job, the second most important thing someone looks for aside from salary. The workforce is tired mentally and physically, so offer up coverage on massages and ample vacation time for them to take a much needed break. Stress is also a productivity killer, so ensure they de-stress by offering up affordable rates on gym memberships, personal days, and other perks that help lessen the load of the daily grind.

Are you willing to cover relocation costs? If you’re expecting someone to uproot their whole life and family from another province, consider covering the costs associated with relocation so the idea of moving is more desirable. If you’re targeting a family, they are likely to have a lot more to move than a single student looking for experience, but aside from their age and status most people will still require assistance moving their belongings across provincial borders.

A hefty salary increase is another incentive for those looking for a career change. Money is a motivator, so if you check out the compensation guide and ensure you’re giving people a fair wage, you’re off to a great start.

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