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Careers in Demand for 2015

A New Year is upon us, so let’s start this year off right with an introduction to the careers in demand for 2015. Plus, according to a leading HR consultant group, Canadian salaries are expected to rise 2.8% in 2015 vs 2.6% in 2014 so it’s full speed ahead into a promising New Year.

According to data pulled from Employment and Social Development Canada, about two-thirds of the projected employment growth over the next 10 years is in high-skilled occupations. Below is a list of careers that are keeping up with the current economic demands and evolving to meet Canada’s growing needs.


Baby Boomer populations are aging and generation X is having children, so the forecast for this year is similar to that of 2014 with demands for more healthcare professionals on a steady incline.

Some jobs of focus are:

  • Therapy and Assessment Professionals
  • Nurses
  • Specialist Physicians & General Practitioners
  • Dentists
  • Sonographers
  • Nutritionists

Photographers and Graphic Designers

Online and digital advertising demands are continually on the rise, leaving companies to produce imagery and compelling designs that captivate eager, tech-savvy audiences. Photographers and graphic designers fill this career demand of 2015 as they’re required to design digital assets and capture images for social media or online retail websites. We’re a visual society – so it’s time to brush up on your Adobe skills and snap a few pictures for your portfolio because the search is on for talented photographers and graphic designers.

IT and Software Engineers

In the same vein as the quest for graphic designers and photographers, companies are embracing technology and advanced integration systems to make it easier to keep up with the changing workforce. Since companies large and small have employees working out of different locations and less and less in a central location, sophisticated systems need to be in place to enable these individuals to communicate properly and to gain access to shared systems remotely. In addition to satisfying local demands, intellectual property needs to be protected from prying eyes so establishing an accessible IT team to monitor internal and external servers is a must. Need to establish these systems but don’t have anyone internally? Software Engineers are here to design, analyze, program and to creating new software, or maintaining/altering existing software.

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