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Top Tips for Holiday Pastimes

Your office is closed for the holidays, and without work keeping you busy, boredom is sure to follow. To save you from restlessness, we’re offering up some tips to help you pass the time this holiday break! Check out our top tips for holiday pastimes that’ll have you making the most of your time off.

Try New Recipes


Crack open that cook book you’ve been dying to dig into and throw on your apron – it’s time to get cooking. Need a sous chef? Gather your children and family to assist you in the kitchen and give them tasks that match their comfort level in the kitchen. You’ll always need someone to lick the cookie spoon, right? Prepare to deal with sticky hands and dirty aprons, but the mess is worth it in the end when you get to spend quality time together.  Let’s see what tasty treats you can come up with!

Set Professional Goals


Just because you’re away from your desk doesn’t mean you have to step away from everything else work-related. It is inevitable that you’ll be thinking of timelines and other items waiting for you when you return, which includes your 2015 New Year career resolutions. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, grab a pen and paper and start jotting down some notes about where you can improve yourself to benefit your career in 2015. Putting aside time now while you’re not working is the best time to set goals without interfering with your current workload.

Play Board Games


Board games are always in style and readily available, so if you haven’t stalked up on the essentials already it might be time for a board game binge. Nothing says the holidays more than a family gathered around the kitchen table shouting clues at each other. Plus, the sheer versatility of board games makes it so that you can tailor the game to your audience and age group. Break out the dice and prepare the boards – the games have begun!

Start Exploring Your City


Have you explored every nook and cranny in your neighbourhood? If not, venture outside and check out the local businesses and get familiar with your surroundings.  Once you’ve conquered that turf, start expanding your bubble and seek out new areas to venture into. If you live in a heavily populated city or large town there will surely be organized fairs, community skating sessions, plays and sporting events happening that you can attend – for FREE! Make a day out of it and go on and venture out into the unknown. There is a lot in store for you; you just have to go find it.

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