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The Art of Candidate Attraction

Finding the right candidate for a role relies on the marriage of three main principles: targeting the right audience, using a blend of old meets new technology, and enhancing the candidate experience. If you take ownership of all three of these approaches and perfect your craft, you’ll end up with a foolproof recipe for successful candidate attraction.

Be Targeted

Candidate attraction strategies should not be a shot in the dark, so keep these questions in mind when searching for the ideal candidate. Who is the star performer in your organization? Where did they come from? The early stage of targeting begins with an internal reflection into your methods, and a deeper analysis of the types of qualities you seek in the ideal candidate. Identify your target audience and begin researching into their preferences and where they’ll likely be searching for jobs. This way, once you’ve predicted their behaviours, you’re one step closer to delivering a message to the group you’re aiming to reach.

Old meets new technologyold meets new

Print may be on the outs, but that doesn’t mean that we should abandon old ways just because new methods are dominating the scene. There needs to be a fusion of traditional and new media in order to ensure you’re exhausting all options. Not everyone owns a computer – shocking, we know, but still true. Some people still read print newspapers, and pin posters to local cork boards so it’s important to appease this market in case some candidates prefer not to be glued to a digital device. In the same vein, others crave face-to-face interaction, so creating a local presence at something like a job fair gives them an opportunity to interact with you and to ask relevant questions.

Where does new media come into play? Throw your print messaging into social media with Facebook promoted posts and Google advertising and you’ve got yourself a well-rounded, thorough approach to candidate attraction with a perfect union of old meets new. HR professionals are marketers too; you just don’t know it yet.

Candidate experience

Have a bad dining experience while out on the town last weekend? Chances are your friends already know about it because they saw it on their news feed after you took it to Facebook to let out a little steam. Social interaction tends to lean towards talking about the things we love and the things we hate, so in the business world it’s important to appease potential candidates so that they will sing your praises to their friends and family. How do you accomplish this? Shedding some light into your corporate culture is one way to increase your candidate base and have them wishing they were part of the team.

If you use this proven method for success in perfecting the art of candidate attraction, the perfect staff will take the bait thanks to your mastery and patience. Prepare your lines – it’s time to go fishing!

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