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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Clients

As the holiday season falls upon us, so does the great office gift etiquette dilemma. To gift or not to gift isn’t really the question, but more so what to gift. Need a refresher on what to gift coworkers? We covered that base last year but what about the elusive nature of the client-provider relationship? Gone are the days of the company branded pen sets, and now are the times of professional but offbeat items that leave a lasting impression.

Holiday gift ideas for clientele: Things to consider

If you’re contemplating the notion of sending gifts all together, know that although some companies may be swearing off gifts for clients for the holidays, others swear that doing so is integral to maintaining crucial relationships. To play it safe while maintaining optimal cost efficiency, many organizations rely on tiered holiday client gift giving, where clients who provide the most revenue receive the more expensive gifts. If you go down this road, note that those clients responsible for less revenue should still feel like they’re being appreciated. In fact, the key in choosing the right holiday gift ideas for your clientele is to find the delicate balance between something that’s sure to impress occasional clients while also not downplaying the people on the top of your list.

Top-tiered systems not your cup of tea? Sending a range of gifts in the same price range will maintain a neutral ground and not show any favouritism.

Holiday gift ideas for clientele: What to get

As discussed last year, avoid any gifts with a religious connotation or anything that could be considered offensive to others. Alcohol falls on the list of ambiguous and occasionally offensive. A nice bottle of wine or single malt scotch may seem like a classy gift, but you never know the recipients past or present relationship with alcohol. The key: do your research. Here are some crowd pleasing options – other than sugary sweets – that scream class, and could never be considered crass.

CoffeeTea and coffee

Artisan coffees and teas are a fantastic gift idea for the caffeine lovers in your life. Bored of the same brands? Go local and support small business.



Kitchen ItemsKitchenware

Whether it’s a shiny copper pot or a top-of-the-line ice cream maker, you’ll be sure to ignite the foodie fire in us all with anything from the culinary world.


Photo Frame

Digital photo frame

Remind the recipient that pictures are meant to be shared rather than stored on smartphones with a frame that can liven up any drab workstation.



Olive Oil

Olive oil

Olive your clients will think of you while they drizzle imported olive oil onto their next dish if you gift them this perfect alternative to fine Italian wine.


Edible ArrangementEdible arrangements

Flowers have been replaced with fruits, cookies and bacon in the wonderful world of edible arrangements. Tailor to their taste and you’ve got yourself a treat that can either be shared with others or savoured in the privacy of their own office.

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